They froze gas rates: how it impacts San Francisco

They froze gas rates: how it impacts San Francisco
They froze gas rates: how it impacts San Francisco

The Ministry of Economy decided to freeze the gas rate in May so that inflation does not skyrocket. For this month, increases of more than 400% were expected.

In that sense, Radio Estación 102.5 contacted the new Director of Emugas, Eng. Mario Daró, to learn about the company’s current affairs and the impact that this measure will have in San Francisco.

The Emugas situation

Daró described the situation of EMUGAS as positive: «I found a neat company, which is the main thing, that he is dealing well with people and that he works with a very good work team. The technical area is excellent, there is a module of people who are in charge of collection, arrears management, who do a brilliant job, and well, and the entire administrative part is well organized.

Mario Daró took office in December 2023, succeeding Óscar Enrico, who now serves as Vice President of EPEC.

In this new management, Daró is accompanied by María Laura Gaidoas commercial manager, and others members who come from both municipal managementamong them Germán Fassetta and Micaela Mulassano, like the industrial park.

New President of Emugas

The new rate schedule, its freezing and the impact on San Francisco

On April 3, a new rate schedule was implemented with significant increases. Although the freeze decreed by the government prevented a planned increase of more than 400% this month, the situation remains complicated.

In May, commercial users already began to feel the impact of the new rateswhile residential users will see it fully reflected in their bills around Julydue to bimonthly billing.

«We are a sub-distributor. Emugas does not have or implement new modifications on its own. This is based on a general resolution that comes from the Ministry of Energy of the Nation. “We are mere applicators of the paintings that are sent to us,” said the Director.

To further clarify this situation, Daró compared these measures originating from the Nation with an Excel table where Emugas only sees the number that must be applied. «We do not have a single comma, nor an extra or minus zero that we can move. “It is such and such what Buenos Aires sends us,” he stressed.

The increase in gas worries local bakers and gastronomics

The rate increase and the elimination of subsidies have seriously affected the main consumers, especially industrialists and merchants in the gastronomic and baking sectors.

«We held countless meetings with both industrialistsyeswho are the main consumers out there that we have, the largest, as with merchants from the gastronomic field. They were significantly affected. They are the ones who feel the impact the most.«commented the representative of Emugas.

He also added: «We are permanently available, we explain, we demonstrate the tariff tables, some things that they do not understand, we clarify them because We are that…intermediary means that transfer the decision that comes from the Energy Secretariatto«.

Measures to consider

In this sense, and from his consideration as a neighbor, Daró expressed: «From the company We have nothing left but to ask people to rationalize the use because although periods that are not the highest consumption are now being billed, In the coming months there will also be a peak in billing. So we there We ask that you take extreme precautions so that you are not impacted by this.«.

Mario Daró concluded by thanking him for the opportunity to clarify these issues and reiterated EMUGAS’ willingness to help users understand and adapt to tariff changess. For more information, users can contact EMUGAS through its official channels:

Despite the difficulties, EMUGAS remains committed to offering good service to the San Francisco community.

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