How to regulate your heating to reduce gas and electricity bills

How to regulate your heating to reduce gas and electricity bills
How to regulate your heating to reduce gas and electricity bills


With the arrival of the low temperatures In different parts of Argentina, many have already resorted to turning on the heating from their homes to be able to enjoy a warm temperature. However, they look for ways to save on energy due to the sharp increase in electricity and gas rates that occurred in recent months.

In that sense, you may wonder how to regulate the stove so as not to suffer heavy costs and at the same time not get cold during the winter. Some keys can be considered, without the need to buy complex security systems. heating.

You can regulate the heating so that it does not waste energy
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To save on energy, it is very important to take into account Adjust the thermostat according to the needs of the home. Between 18 and 21°C is the ideal temperature for when you are at home. That doesn’t mean you can’t turn up the heat, but A reduction of a few degrees can mean significant savings without compromising comfort. To do this, you can experiment and gradually lower it until you find the lowest level that is still comfortable. It can be started above 20°C, and then gradually regulate the temperature until you find the ideal one.

At the same time, the thermostat should not be left high when no one is home to keep the house warm. It is recommended to reduce to 17 to 15°C at night or when the house is empty. In that sense, many choose to use a programmable thermostatwhich allows you to adjust the temperature of the house according to the time of day.

On the other hand, it is crucial to verify that the heating system work correctly and efficiently to avoid wasting more energy. If there are no operating problems, you can clean or replace the filters regularly and ensure that the ducts are not clogged.

There are several ways to stay warm in the house without turning up the heat.Shutterstock – Shutterstock

One of the reasons why an environment can be cold is because it does not retain heat well. That is why some measures can be taken to avoid any loss:

At the same time, behaviors and habits can be adopted that help maintain a comfortable temperature. The temperature inside the house does not need to be much higher than outside. Many people choose to make it warm enough to wear a t-shirt at home, but it involves a lot of energy expenditure. Therefore, it is suggested that, if you are cold, you choose to wear a warmest garment before raising the temperature of the heating. In that sense, a simple way to stay warm at home is by wearing blankets.


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