Carlos Álvarez adds to his scoring explosion the distinction of best right winger

Carlos Álvarez adds to his scoring explosion the distinction of best right winger
Carlos Álvarez adds to his scoring explosion the distinction of best right winger

Fernando Perez Soto

León, May 21 (EFE).- Abanca’s right winger Ademar Carlos Álvarez has added to his scoring explosion of the current season, in which he is virtually the top scorer in the Plenitude ASOBAL League, by taking the lead with the last matchday remaining to second place, Nacho Valles, with 32 goals, the distinction of best player in his position after voting online by fans.

Álvarez, who arrived at the Ademarista team this season as a replacement for Antonio Martínez from Leon, after the latter left for the Portuguese FC Porto after paying the termination clause, has even ended up surpassing his predecessor by uncovering his versatility, since his position natural has added the role of left-back forced by the absences in the squad and sponsored by coach Daniel Gordo.

The former BM Cisne player has no doubts in describing his first year in León as “perfect individually”, although he clarifies that his teammates have had a lot to do with his performance, especially in the central position, with captain Juan Castro at the head, who have supplied him with balls and also made his work easier when he has split to the side.

“Playing alongside them is a luxury, they make it very easy for you, that’s why in the goals scored, a good part must be attributed to the help of your teammates; first with the defense and goal to be able to go out on the counterattack and, in positional game, with the ability to assist me and make things easier for me by having a smaller physical size on the side,” he stressed to EFE.

Maintain versatility

The left-handed winger, who was proclaimed junior European champion with Spain in 2022, precisely sharing a position with Antonio Martínez, whom he replaced in Ademar, was chosen by Internet users with more than 51% of votes, only surpassed among the players chosen for the ideal seven of the season in the league by French international Dika Mem, best right back with 52%.

Carlos Álvarez is confident that he will be able to maintain his versatility next season at Ademar and alternate the position of winger and full-back: “I ended up liking it, I found myself very comfortable and despite the fact that at first I thought that Dani -Gordo- was crazy as a goat thinking in me for that position, I think I enjoyed having more prominence in the game.

Among the aspects of the game that he still has to polish, also a result of his youth -21 years-, the Galician opts for “concentration on maximum penalty kicks, in which some errors could have cost points”, despite that the general percentage of success was 73 percent.

Looking ahead to the farewell of the championship next Saturday against Balonmano Logroño, the league’s virtual top scorer, who will seek to round out the figure until he reaches 200 goals, hopes to add a victory that will allow him to consolidate fifth place and “be able to say goodbye with all the “respect to players who have been important for the club.”

Precisely regarding his future, Álvarez continues to maintain his intention to fulfill the year of his contract – plus another optional one from the club – with Abanca Ademar, despite numerous offers from different European clubs to incorporate him into their squads.

“The idea is to continue, training myself, both as a player and also to complete my university studies,” commented one of the most desirable players, not only from the Leon team but from the Spanish league, a habitual exporter of talent in recent seasons.EFE



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