Impressive collision between two trucks on the Cajicá-Zipaquirá road: this was the rescue of one of the victims

Impressive collision between two trucks on the Cajicá-Zipaquirá road: this was the rescue of one of the victims
Impressive collision between two trucks on the Cajicá-Zipaquirá road: this was the rescue of one of the victims

The driver of one of the tractor trailers was rescued – credit Cundinamarca Firefighters

On the road that connects the municipality of Zipaquirá with Cajicá, a serious traffic accident occurred that left several people injured. The accident was caused by the collision between two tractor trailers on the night of Monday, May 20.

The rescue agencies and the Cundinamarca Firefighters immediately arrived at the scene and thanks to their quick action, the driver of one of the heavy vehicles was rescued.

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According to the report delivered by the captain of the Cundinamarca Fire Department, Álvaro Farfán, the incident between the two cargo trucks was attended to immediately. “A serious accident occurred between two tractor-trailers on the bypass that connects the municipality of Zipaquirá with Cajicá. Firefighters from the municipality of Zipaquirá and hospital centers will be activated immediately,” he reported.

Given the severity of the strong crash, one of the drivers was caught and thanks to the action of the emergency agencies, he was able to be saved alive after several minutes of rescue efforts by the Firefighters.

(Credit: Cundinamarca Firefighters)

According to a video shared by the Cundinamarca Firefighters, you can see the authorities’ procedure with a saw and more equipment to help the driver trapped by the wheel of the cargo truck. During the images you can also see the moment they asked the victim identified as Jhonto be calm and not close his eyes while he managed to be rescued.

“Two injured people are cared for. One of the drivers was trapped, but was fortunately rescued alive by the Firefighters,” added Farfán.

Finally, the two tractor-trailer drivers were evaluated and transferred to different medical centers, according to the captain.

According to the first versions, one of the cargo trucks exceeded speed and collided head-on with the similar vehicle.

At kilometer 46 of the La Línea highway, in the road corridor between Ibagué and Cajamarca, another accident was reported on the country’s roads. There a tractor-trailer transporting beer overturned and later caught fire.

(Credit: @OscuraColombia / X)

According to information transmitted by a radio station, The cargo vehicle would have suffered mechanical failures, which caused the accident and led to the closure of the road. Local firefighters managed to rescue the driver, who suffered serious injuries.

The driver was rushed to the Santa Lucía hospital in Cajamarca and later to a more complex healthcare center in Ibagué.

“At the scene, the driver was rescued, who had several serious injuries. He was transferred to the Cajamarca hospital and later to the city of Ibagué,” the captain, Laura Marcela Lara, Sectional Chief of Transit and Transportation, said on the radio. from Tolima.

On the night of Saturday, April 27, a serious traffic accident occurred on the road that connects Zipaquirá with Cajicá. Firefighters responded to the emergency and transported five injured people to the Jorge Cavelier hospital in Cajicá.

The accident occurred around nine p.m. when a public service bus and a private car collided head-on in the El Misterio sector. Sixth Avenue was closed for several minutes while authorities removed the vehicles involved.

Traffic accident in the eastern road corridor – credit @lavillanoticias/X

The authorities handle as an initial hypothesis the excessive speed of the private vehicle, in an area where the permitted limit is 30 km/h. Some witnesses stated that the driver of the private vehicle was intoxicated; However, authorities have not confirmed whether the alcohol test was performed and continue to investigate the causes of the accident.

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