The six steps to make an Argentine locro on a gas stove, according to Paulina Cocina

The six steps to make an Argentine locro on a gas stove, according to Paulina Cocina
The six steps to make an Argentine locro on a gas stove, according to Paulina Cocina

A dish full of history that cannot be missed every May 25 on Argentine tables.

Every May 25, Argentines commemorate May Revolution Day, a momentous milestone that marked the beginning of the country’s path to independence. On this date, preparing the national locro is a tradition and although everyone starts from the classic recipe, each family uses its particularities which make this dish a true emblem.

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On how to prepare it at home and on a gas stove, Paulina Cocina offers the recipe for Argentine locro in six steps. As we know, this food has deep roots in the history of the country: its origin dates back to pre-Columbian times, when the native peoples of the region already prepared stews based on corn, a fundamental food in the indigenous diet.

Over time, this recipe was merged with European ingredients, and gave rise to the May 25 locro as we know it today.

The inevitable ingredients of locro, according to Paulina Cocina

The base of locro is corn, an ingredient that has been fundamental in the Latin American diet since time immemorial.

This grain, in its various forms, provides texture and flavor to the dish. Whole or floured corn is slowly cooked until it reaches a creamy consistency.

In addition to corn, the May 25 locro usually includes meat, another source of essential nutrients. In the most traditional version, cuts of pork are used, such as bacon and chorizo, which provide intense and smoky flavors to the stew.

Beef meats are also incorporated, which provides a combination of flavors that satisfies the most demanding palates. Potatoes, another essential ingredient, provide a soft texture and comforting consistency to the dish.

Paulina Cocina’s step by step to make a patriotic locro.

Ingredients (serves six to eight people)

– 250 grams of white beans
– 250 grams of broken white corn
– A red chorizo

– A Creole chorizo
– Pig skin
– Pork breast
– Skirt
– 200 grams of bacon
– Three onions
– Two green onions
– A leek
– Half a pumpkin
– Half a red bell pepper (for the sauce)
– Seasonings: salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, ground chili, oregano

Bean, the main ingredient of locro.

Argentine locro: how to prepare it on a gas stove

1. Prepare the ingredients: cut the meats (into small pieces), the vegetables into very thin slices, the pumpkin into cubes and a grated part, and the beans and corn soaked the night before.

2. Defat: the chorizo ​​and the cuerito in one pot and the red chorizo ​​in another. Bring them to the heat for 10-15 minutes until it boils.

3. Integrate: in a hot pot place the bacon so that it releases its fat, then add the green onion, leek, salt, olive oil and sauté everything. Once soft, add the red chorizo, the pork skins, the chorizo, the white crushed corn and the white beans (both well drained previously) and add water. It is important that the water is not that used to soak the beans and corn. Cover and let it cook for an hour and a half in a common pot (stirring from time to time and seeing if it needs more water) or half an hour in a pressure cooker.

4. Add: to the pot with all the ingredients, add the pumpkin cut into cubes, the breast, the skirt, the seasonings, a little more water and stir well. Leave again for half an hour in a pressure cooker or another hour and a half in a common pot.

5. Prepare the sauce: finely chop the bell pepper, a green onion and a common onion. Add ground chili (a lot if you want it spicier), paprika and oregano. Cook over low heat in plenty of olive oil until the onion is very soft.

6. Thicken and serve: Add the grated pumpkin that you separated at the beginning to the locro and leave for 10 more minutes. After that time, serve with the sauce on top and the green part of the chopped green onion. If you have leftovers, you can freeze.

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