This is the personal side of Toni Kroos

This is the personal side of Toni Kroos
This is the personal side of Toni Kroos

Sad day for football lovers, after the retirement announcement of one of the best players: Toni Kroos, as he himself announced through a statement on his social networks, with an image from July 17, 2014, the day of his presentation with Real Madrid. “The day that changed my life. My life as a footballer, but above all as a person. It was the beginning of a new life in the biggest club in the world. Today, after ten years, at the end of the season, this life comes to an end.”


  • The German Real Madrid player has announced his farewell to football once the Euro Cup in his country ends.

Thus, after the Euro Cup, the player, one of the most reserved of the team when it comes to his private life, will end his career as an active footballer and fulfill his promise: Madrid is and will be his last club. “Today I am happy and proud to have found in my head and in my heart the right moment for this decision. My ambition was always to finish my career at the top of my level. From this moment on, there is only one main thought in my mind and nothing is going to separate me from this: Go for 15! “Hala Madrid and nothing more!”, He has written in reference to the Champions League final that remains to be played.

After this summer his connection with football will diminish, as he himself had told the magazine esquire in an interview that I didn’t want to be a coach in the future.a path that many players decide to take to continue living their passion, although in a different way.

Your family side

Together from a very young age, Kroos married Jessica Farber, who took his last name. Little is known about the couple, other than that they have three children who accompany him in the celebrations with Real Madrid, like the rest of his family, who has always supported him and thanks to which he has spoken Spanish since he was little, since he spent the summer with his parents in Mallorca, like many other Germans.

His integration in Spain, where he has spent a decade, was perfect, although he is aware of the cultural shock. “Of course it is always different living abroad than at home. But I feel very good here. About two years ago I started speaking a little Spanish with my children, which also helps me in the locker room. We feel good here and the plan is to continue longer“, he explained recently, joking that the best thing in our country was ham.

Of course, the midfielder in Spain leads a very “German” life, despite the fact that he does not have friends in Madrid who come from the Central European country. “There are many differences in habits. For example, we have dinner with the children at 6:30 p.m., which seems typical to me for Germans. I think the Spanish don’t eat dinner before 10 at night”, he commented in the same interview.

And in the mornings, like another father: “Together with my wife, we have to prepare the children for school. This is a normal day. I spend my day with my family, without a specific plan, just being with the people I love“, Explain.

In that daily life, the German would prefer to be anonymous, away from the spotlight and the fame that being an international star gives him. “I like playing soccer, but I don’t like being in public places where everyone knows me”.

However, despite how much he likes Spain, there is something in which he does not agree with the majority of natives: his idol is Roger Federer; He recognizes Nadal’s merits, but opts for the Swiss. And Kroos not only enjoys football, but sport in general, and declares himself a fan of the Dallas Mavericks, “because for the last 20 years we have had a great German (Dirk Nowitzki)”, whom he describes as the favorite of the. However, “Because of his style of play, I like Stephen Curry”.

The relationship with your colleagues

His best friend in the Real Madrid locker room, as he himself has admitted on occasion, is Lucas Vázquez, who is also usually the target of his jokes through social networks, since he always comments on posts with jokes. “I have a very good relationship with him. The atmosphere in the locker room is good with the entire team. Of course, it’s always better when you win than when you lose.”

Yes indeed, Lucas Vázquez is not the only one who suffers from his acid humor, since Kroos is very prone to leaving humorous comments on other teammates’ walls.. Sometimes hurtful, even, but everyone takes it well and does not usually get into trouble, since their sentences are funny and barely give rise to a response.

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