Pancho Saavedra dedicated a message to a Spanish guide who died

The host of Channel 13, Francisco Saavedra, dedicated a message on his social networks to Toni EspadasSpanish guide who died after being shot while visiting the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia.

Dear friend, I know how much you loved Africa.We talked about it last night. Rest in peace, we will always remember you“, he commented in a video published on the guide’s Instagram.

Saavedra was making the recordings of Socios por el Mundo, a program that drives alongside actor Jorge Zabaletawhen They were attacked by an external subject to the people who died.

After the incident, Channel 13 reported that “the hosts and all members of the team of the program made by the production company MkZeta are in good health. Both the Foreign Ministry and Channel 13 are carrying out all the necessary steps so that they can leave the country as soon as possible.return to Chile and give them all the support they require.”

“We will always remember you”: Pancho Saavedra dedicated a message to Spanish guide who died after being shot in Ethiopia Toni Espadas together with “Partners for the World” in Uganda.

The Spanish guide was a photographer who already had visited multiple tribes in Africamany of these encounters are captured on his social networks and website, where he says that he started from a very young age “with two of my great passions: traveling and photography. These hobbies take me on a first African adventure to the Dogon country (Mali) that awakens in me a very intense interest in learning about other cultures. That My desire to discover other peoples led me years later to Ethiopia, a country that would mark my life forever.”.

His love for African cultures They drive to found a travel agency in 2010in which it provides services to tourists in countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Gabon, Eritrea, Benin, Angola, South Sudan, and others.

Espadas was also dedicated to raise money to benefit these townsin one of their publications, reports that in the Rate Kebele village near Omorate, in Ethiopia, they delivered 600 kilos of school supplies for the community.

“The Education is an engine of change and we celebrate with them, to the rhythm of the dassanech, the arrival of books, pencils, pens and educational posters so that this impulse does not stop,” he added in the publication.

“We will always remember you”: Pancho Saavedra dedicated a message to the Spanish guide who died after being shot in Ethiopia Pancho Saavedra and Jorge Zabaleta were with the guide Toni Espadas at the time of the deadly attack in Africa.
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