Minvu assured that at the end of the Government it will have managed 5,112 homes

Minvu assured that at the end of the Government it will have managed 5,112 homes
Minvu assured that at the end of the Government it will have managed 5,112 homes

dCentralizing access to housing solutions to build where the State did not reach, was one of the main milestones presented by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning (Minvu) in its participatory public account of the 2023 management in the Magallanes Region. and Chilean Antarctica.

The public account was presented online by the minister of Minvu, Marco Uribe Saldivia, and the director(s) of Serviu, Omar González Asenjo. Both authorities addressed the work carried out in housing, highlighting that in 2023 146 billion pesos were invested and that for this year the budget increased by 10 percent, reaching 161 billion pesos.

“We are very happy to have made this participatory public account, together with the director(s) of Serviu, to show what was done by the Seremi and Serviu teams this last year. The progress of the Housing Emergency Plan and the Just Cities Plan, highlighting as a milestone the strong decentralization that we are achieving in the region,” said Uribe.

Housing Emergency Plan

In terms of housing, there are currently 23 projects in execution: 18 of them in the Punta Arenas commune. “To date we have 2,487 homes under construction, all of a high standard and quality that meet the requirements of our region, and in the coming months work will begin on another 890 solutions, all with allocated subsidy resources, approved resources and with suitable land,” reported the director(s) of Serviu.

“2023 was a year of a lot of work. We managed to unblock the stagnation that existed in the construction of housing, reaching 88% progress in the goal of the Housing Emergency Plan. But what we highlight most is that we did justice to families from remote communes, bringing quality housing solutions tailored to their needs,” said Seremi Marco Uribe, adding that “now the Minvu also reaches Primavera, Torres del Paine and Cabo de Ovens”.

The projection managed by Minvu for the Magallanes Region indicates that during the period of this Government, 5,112 housing solutions will be managed, including those delivered, those that are under construction and those that will remain for the next administration.

“The work of Minvu is continuous and cannot be restricted to a single government. Our work with the Regional Government and municipalities will allow us to address the housing deficit in the region, not only in large communes; at the same time that we contribute to economic reactivation and job creation,” said the Seremi.

Another important milestone was the formation of a Regional Soil Board. From a detailed analysis of 113 lands entered into the Serviu Integrated Real Estate System (Sibis), in 2023 financing was obtained for the acquisition of 17 hectares in Punta Arenas and 12.5 hectares in Porvenir.

“This year we have the challenge of acquiring land in Natales, where we hope to apply new lines offered by the Housing Emergency Plan. We seek to respond to the singularities of each commune and provide an effective response to those who need a solution. In this, the Regional Council is a great ally,” said Seremi Marco Uribe.

fair cities

The portfolio of urban projects reached 11 billion pesos in the region, where the improvement works in three sectors of the Costanera del Estrecho, the beginning of the works of the María Behety Wetland Park and the delivery of three kilometers of cycle paths in Punta Sands.

“We invested 11 billion pesos in seven large-scale projects, including the bicycle lanes on Avenida Independencia and Calle 21 de Mayo-Magallanes; the improvement of the western part of Avenida Costanera del Estrecho, between Manantiales and Zona Franca; the opening of Rancagua Street, between Fagnano and Ignacio Carrera Pinto; in addition to the construction of more than seven kilometers of streets, passages and sidewalks in Punta Arenas, Primavera, Porvenir and San Gregorio, through the historic participatory pavement program,” emphasized director(s) Omar González.

Regarding the Just Cities Plan, Seremi Uribe valued that it has made it possible to address urban equity by recovering public spaces that were disused. “We execute projects that have universal accessibility, that provide quality green areas and that provide new meeting points and security for people,” he added.

Finally, both authorities valued the work of the officials, both from Seremi Minvu and Serviu, highlighting that the important work being done in housing and urban planning in the region is thanks to their work and commitment.

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