Spectacular truck accidents reported in Zipaquirá (Cundinamarca) and in Cajamarca (Tolima)

Spectacular truck accidents reported in Zipaquirá (Cundinamarca) and in Cajamarca (Tolima)
Spectacular truck accidents reported in Zipaquirá (Cundinamarca) and in Cajamarca (Tolima)

In the spectacular accident between the two tractor-trailers, one of the drivers had to be extracted by the Zipaquirá firefighters. (Credit: Cundinamarca Firefighters)

Two major traffic accidents were reported on the roads in the center of the country during the night of Monday, May 20, in which tractor-trailers were involved.

The first of them involved two cargo vehicles that collided violently in Zipaquirá (Cundinamarca), where one of the drivers was trapped, who had to be extracted when trapped in the cabin.

“There is presented a serious accident between two tractor-trailers on the variant that connects the municipality of Zipaquirá with Cajicá. Firefighters from the municipality of Zipaquirá and hospital centers will be activated immediately,” Captain Álvaro Farfán, departmental delegate of the Cundinamarca Fire Department, reported on the accident.

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Although fortunately the workers driving the vehicles were rescued alive, the intervention of machinery was necessary to rescue one of them from the truck.

“Two injured people are cared for. One of the drivers was trapped, but was fortunately rescued alive by Firefighters. “Both are evaluated and referred to the different healthcare centers,” Farfán added.

(Credit: Cundinamarca Firefighters)

The other accident occurred in the road corridor between Ibagué and Cajamarca, at kilometer 46 of La Línea highway, where another tractor-trailer transporting beers overturned and subsequently caught fire, reported on the station Snail Radio.

They added that the cargo vehicle would have suffered mechanical failures that led to the accident, which caused the closure of the road, while the firefighters in the area managed to rescue the driver of the car.

The man suffered serious injuries and They rushed him to the Santa Lucía hospital in Cajamarca, but then he was transferred to a more complex healthcare center in Ibagué.

“At the scene, the driver was rescued, who had several serious injuries. He was transferred to the Cajamarca hospital and later to the city of Ibagué,” the radio quoted the statements of the captain, Laura Marcela Lara, sectional chief. of Transit and transportation of Tolima.

Finally They reported that the cargo vehicle came from Yumbo (Valle del Cauca) with a shipment of beer that was destined for Bogotá. However, unscrupulous people in the area looted the car at the scene.

(Credit: @OscuraColombia / X)

Last Thursday, May 16, In the same sector of La Línea another similar accident occurred, but at kilometer 77 of the road, in the sector known as Coello Cócora, where another truck transporting coffee also overturned and its driver had to be extracted by rescuers from the Ibagué fire department, the station highlighted. Tolima Alert.

“The driver was trapped in the tractor-trailer that was transporting coffee, and the emergency was attended to by the personnel of the Official Fire Department of the south station of the city,” reported Jean Pineda, director of the rescue organization, on that occasion.

Fortunately, The operator of the cargo vehicle managed to arrive alive at the healthcare center where he was treated. in the capital of Tolima.

However, a 17-year-old minor who died in another traffic accident on the road that connects Quimbaya with Montenegro, in the department of Quindío, in the Coffee Region, did not suffer the same fate.

The victim was identified by the authorities as Carlos Andrés González, who was riding a barbecue on a motorcycle that apparently went the wrong way and collided head-on with a car that was traveling at that time in the road corridor.

The serious accident occurred exactly at kilometer 10+500, and the driver of the car was unharmed, while the person driving the motorcycle suffered serious injuries and They transferred him to the Roberto Quintero Villa Hospital.

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