Concern in El Bolsón due to disproportionate increases in gas bills, from 15 thousand to 271 thousand pesos.

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Wednesday 05/22/2024

Armando Cabral

El Bolson 05/22/2024.- In recent weeks, businesses and industries in El Bolsón have received gas bills with increases ranging from 1,000 to 1,500%. This is added to the fact that electricity recently increased by 300%, which leads many to be on the verge of closing their doors.

Mónica Miloanich, member of the El Bolsón Chamber of Tourism, expressed her deep concern about the disproportionate increases in gas bills that local businesses and residents are receiving. Miloanich highlighted that these increases range from 1000% to 1500%, which, added to the increases in electricity bills, is generating a significant economic crisis.

Miloanich explained that the local situation is already complicated due to the low season and the context of recession and little economic activity at the national level, which further aggravates the situation for local businesses. “It leads us to a situation of major crisis, with many businesses on the brink of closure,” he declared.

To illustrate the magnitude of the problem, Miloanich mentioned that, at a commercial level, gas bills that in March were approximately 100,000 pesos, in April increased to 1,100,000 pesos. «What we propose is that there be proportionality and reasonableness in the application of the increases. We are not unaware of the need to update the rates, but this has been totally disproportionate and out of all logic,” he said.

As an example, an inn in our town that paid an invoice for $10,860 in April, in May must face an amount of $300,924. Another clear example is that of Dulcería Cabaña Mico, one of the most important in our town: in April the bill was $120,347 while in May the figure rose to $1,105,554. Finally, a hostel that paid $15,213 in April for May must face a bill for $272,076.

Given the lack of an effective response from the National Government and the refusals of chambers and federations at the national level, the El Bolsón Chamber of Tourism is considering judicial means as a solution. “Perhaps a solution is for a judge to stop these increases with some appeal,” Miloanich suggested.

The increases have generated an environment of uncertainty and concern about the future of the winter season and the impact on jobs. “With these values, El Bolsón will be left without a winter season and many people will unfortunately be left without their jobs,” Miloanich lamented.

“This is specifically due to a tariff issue that goes directly to the gas supply companies and gas distributors, without any benefit in works,” Miloanich concluded.

Finally, he explained that “in the last few hours there was news that the National Government stopped new increases in rates, but this applies to what was invoiced after the beginning of April, so we understand that these invoices with these excessive increases are still in force.” adding that “we still have a few days to have definitions of how we are going to continue, but the clock is ticking and the concern is great.”


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