A burning of firecracker waste causes an explosion at the Olocau pyrotechnics

An explosion during a burning of firecracker waste has caused an explosion and a small fire, early this Thursday morning, next to the Ricardo Caballer pyrotechnics in the town of Olocau. The plume of smoke was visible at seven in the morning from several nearby municipalities.

After receiving notification of the event, several Civil Guard patrols and three fire crews rushed to the scene. According to emergency services sources, no personal injuries have been reported.

The explosion occurred in a cage where waste is burned outside the pyrotechnics facilities. Then a small fire was recorded when the brush burned in an area that is very far from the booths where the firecrackers are manufactured.

The burning took place inside a metal cage in a fenced area as a security measure, but the explosion caused a fire and the flames spread to an area of ​​vegetation and crop fields. The fire has also affected a ravine, although the quick intervention of firefighters has prevented further damage.

Three fire crews from the L’Eliana, Moncada and Paterna parks participated in the fire extinguishing efforts, as well as a sergeant and an officer from the Valencia Provincial Firefighters Consortium.

The troops have taken protection and safety distance measures because there were remains of pyrotechnic material in the area affected by the fire.

The incident has not affected other company facilities. According to a spokesman for the pyrotechnics Ricardo Caballer, the company’s employees have authorization for the controlled burning of waste that caused the explosion, and yesterday they notified the firefighters that they were going to destroy the remains of firecrackers.

Civil guards specializing in explosives have also attended the site to inspect the company’s facilities and carry out the corresponding police report.

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