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First concert of the New Zealanders Tour Ulcerate in Castellón at the Salatal Club next Saturday, October 26.

A tour of Ulceratethe band from Auckland (New Zealand), the unorthodox Death Metal band, within their European tour called “Eclipse Death Europe MMXXIV”.



The French Fange They will be the guest band on the Ulcerate tour on our stages.

Ulcerate was formed in 2000 through the collaboration of the guitarist Michael Hoggard and the drummer Jamie Saint Merat. The original idea was to create a dark Death Metal group, but their vision evolved with an innovative touch, to offer a more atmospheric vision and comes with progressive and technical elements, which led to the incorporation of their bassist/vocalist. Paul Kelland. Their music is full of heavy atmospheres, with thunderous guitars, guttural voices to the taste of die-hard Death Metal fans.

After their previous successful tour of Europe in 2022/2023, Ulcerate returns to Europe with their “Eclipse Death Europe MMXXIV Tour”, where they will be presenting “Cutting The Throat Of God”their seventh studio album, a Death Metal masterpiece that they come to show to their European fans on their new tour of the old continent.

The French Fange They will be Ulcerate’s guest band on the tour. Fange is a heavy Death band, with industrial touches that has released their new album «Perdition» last February with Throatruiner Records.

The dates of Ulcerate and Fange’s “Eclipse Death Europe MMXXIV Tour” are:

  • 10/26/2024 Castellón – Sala Tal
  • 10/27/2024 Portugalete – Groove Studios
  • 10/29/2024 Valencia – 16 Tons
  • 10/30/2024 Murcia – Beat Club Garage
  • 10/31/2024 Granada – Riff Room
  • 11/01/2024 Madrid – Silikona Room
  • 11/02/2024 Zaragoza – I Try Room
  • 11/03/2024 Barcelona – Vault Room

Tickets for Ulcerate and Fange’s “Eclipse Death Europe MMXXIV Tour” are on sale at Pub Manowar Castellón, El Bar Del Belga in Villarreal and at www.metaltrip.com.

All the information about Ulcerate and Fange in:

Ulcerate presents one of its latest videos for the song “To Flow Through Ashen Hearts”:

Fange presents his song “Mauvais Vivant”:

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