Gas tariff: The protection promoted by Melella managed to bring together the entire Fuegian political arc

Gas tariff: The protection promoted by Melella managed to bring together the entire Fuegian political arc
Gas tariff: The protection promoted by Melella managed to bring together the entire Fuegian political arc

The entire Fuegian political arc spoke out in favor of the initiative that will be presented today in response to the increase in natural gas service in the province, which brings serious harm to all sectors. Mayors Martín Perez, Daniel Harrington and Walter Vuoto accompanied the Governor.

Along these lines, the mayor of the city of Río Grande, Martín Pérez, during the provincial zoom presentation led by Governor Gustavo Melella with the support of the different sectors of Fuegian society, insisted that “the rates are unpayable” and that “This is a decision by the national government to come down hard on those who need it most.”

For this reason, he celebrated “this initiative of the Governor” and added that “we must accompany; I think that together, with a lot of strength and with the push we have from Río Grande we will be able to stop this.”

For his part, the Communal Chief of Tolhuin, Daniel Harrington, also joined the collective protection, understanding that “our neighbors suffer these adjustments, this update of rates as they like to call them.”

“We will always be working together to provide solutions, but also to defend each of the Tolhuinenses and each of the enterprises of our province,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Ushuaia, Walter Vuoto, congratulated Governor Melella “for taking the lead in the face of the attacks that our province has had, not today, but since this Government began.”

“It is truly a pride to see him defend the province, the interests of the Fuegian men and women,” he continued and acknowledged that “for us it marks a direction, we believe that the strength of a joint protection is convenient for the judicial strategy.”

Likewise, the provincial legislator, Federico Sciurano, described as “very important the decision made by the Governor to convene the entire province to mark a unanimous position of all Fuegians.”

“It is unfeasible to think that the use of gas in Tierra al Fuego is comparable to the City of Buenos Aires or other places in Argentina and clearly puts us in a place of risk,” he concluded.

On the other hand, the provincial legislator, Victoria Vuoto, recalled that “Tierra del Fuego is the second largest gas reserve in the country” so “in that context it is necessary to understand that in addition to being a gas-producing province, we are a province that, due to its climatic conditions, has high gas consumption, then our reality is not the same as that of the rest of the provinces in the country.”

“With that understanding, the Governor took the lead in this fight to guarantee that these excessive increases are not applied; in many cases these increases reached 1,600%,” which is why “we find this call from the Governor very important, because “We understand that it is time for us all to be united defending the interests of our people.”

The president of the Deliberative Council of Río Grande, Guadalupe Zamora, finally expressed that “it is a historic day where the entire social and political arc of the province of Tierra del Fuego comes together in this decision of the provincial government to complain against the brutal adjustment on the rates, and above all for our province.”

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