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The American director Morgan Spurlockknown for the documentary Super Size Me (2004) (Super Engordame in Spanish), where he ate at McDonald’s every day for a month, died on Thursday at the age of 53 due to “complications derived from cancer,” his family reported this Friday.

“It was a sad day as we said goodbye to my brother Morgan. He contributed so much through his art, ideas and generosity. The world has lost a true creative genius and a special man. “I am very proud to have worked alongside him,” his brother Craig Spurlock, who worked with Morgan on various projects, said in a statement.

So far no further details have been provided about the type of cancer the director suffered from.

Spurlock’s family requested in their statement this Friday that those who wish can make donations to the American Cancer Society – Hope Lodge (New York) “in honor of Morgan.”

Morgan Spurlock was a filmmaker who died of cancer at age 53. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Who was Morgan Spurlock?

Morgan Spurlock was a documentary filmmaker and filmmaker originally from West Virginia, United States, who achieved international recognition thanks to Super Size Mea documentary that received an Oscar nomination.

However, this work portraying the effects of fast food was not the only one, as he also filmed a version titled Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken (2019), focusing on the pressures that large fast food chains exert on small poultry farms.

Spurlock’s legacy condenses dozens of projects where he addressed controversial issues for American society. Among them are:

  • 30 days: The work of the migrant population
  • Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden?: The Afghanistan War
  • The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: The power of marketing in the capitalist system
  • 7 Deadly Sins: The fashion of body modifications.

Spurlock’s bet, according to his family, was always the same: “to fearlessly challenge modern conventions using humor and wit to shed light on problems,” explains the statement about his death.

Morgan Spurlock worked with themes that addressed political and social problems. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Morgan Spurlock: What is the documentary ‘Super Size Me’ about?

The piece that made Morgan internationally recognized was Super Engordamea documentary in which he sought to show the effects of eating hamburgers for a month, from one of the most popular food chains in the United States and worldwide: McDonald’s.

In this, it was proposed to have breakfast, lunch and dinner exclusively at the Ronald McDonald chain, sometimes consuming up to 5 thousand calories; almost quadruple that of an average person.

Throughout the 30 days in which he was tested, he showed the evolution (or deterioration) of his physical and even mental health, as he gained 11 kilos and suffered mood swings, sexual dysfunction and liver damage, to name a few. Your results.

This work opened the debate on nutrition problems and risks of fast food abuse in the United States, in addition to the influence that fast food chains have on their consumers.


Post by Morgan Spurlock on Instagram. (Photo: Screenshot)

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