Train bassist Charlie Colin dies in domestic accident

Friday, May 24, 2024, 10:41


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The music world is in mourning again, and this time it is with a renowned American pop rock group created in San Francisco, the band Train. Charlie Colin, who was the founder and bassist of this legendary group, has died at the age of 58. According to police investigations, he lost his life in an accident in the shower, where it appears that the musician slipped.

Colin was not at home at the time of the accident, but was spending a few days at a friend’s house in Brussels. His friend was the first to notify the bassist’s death, because when he arrived home after being away for five days, she found him already dead at home. Being in Brussels was not a coincidence, since Colin also operated as musical director at the famous Newport Beach Film Festival, his hometown.

That is why the musician was teaching master classes at a music center and working on the soundtrack for a film.

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Other problems

The singer, beyond being bassist and founder of the group Train, along with his other members Pat Monahan, Rob Hotchkiss, Jimmy Stafford and Scott Underwood, with whom he won a couple of Grammy awards, had several problems that affected his career. musical. And the musician left the group in 2003 due to a medical problem due to substance abuse. That is why the bassist was not present when the group released one of their biggest hits: ‘Hey Soul Sister’.

There has been no shortage of farewells from his former colleagues on social media: “When we met Charlie Colin, we fell in love with him. He was the sweetest boy, and the most handsome guy. Forming a band was the only reasonable thing we could do,” explained the group Train on their Instagram social network. The members wanted to highlight the musician’s work as a bassist. «His guitar work helped people notice us. We will always have a warm place for him in our hearts. You are a legend, Charlie,” they concluded.

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