What are the houses that NASA plans to build on the Moon and Mars like?

What are the houses that NASA plans to build on the Moon and Mars like?
What are the houses that NASA plans to build on the Moon and Mars like?


Does more than half a centurymore precisely on July 21, 1969, the astronauts aboard Apollo 11 they arrived at the moon and they walked on its surface in their spacesuits, while the rest of humanity watched them with their televisions. Toward 1972 There were 11 men who walked on the natural satellite of the Earth, and Since then no one has stepped foot on it again..

Now, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (POT, for its acronym in English) not only plans to return, but also plans build houses to prolong the stay on the satellitewhich will be suitable both for astronauts and ordinary people. The agency estimates that for the In 2040, Americans will have their first residential area in space there.

Despite this, some NASA scientists They believe the deadlines that were set are very ambitious, because it has not yet been possible to land on the Moon again. The latter would change in November of this year when the Artemis II mission takes place, in which the ship will carry four astronauts for the return.

NASA estimates that by 2040 Americans will have their first subdivision in space there.ICON

He construction process of properties on the Moon will be through a 3D printer. From this method the layer by layer structureswith a specialized lunar concrete created with all of mineral fragments, rocks and dust from the surface layer.

But, among the various obstacles that arise, there is one in particular that stands out above the rest: dust from the lunar surface. This one is so abrasive that can cut like glass and It is toxic when inhaled.

Although, this dust presents itself as a problem, Scientists say it can also be the solution. Since, if it is possible to make 3D printed houses on Earth with minerals found locally, buildings on the Moon could be printed with mud from there.

This way, NASA partnered with construction technology company ICON to be able to achieve its goal in 2040, in which the plans are still renderings, but They had the contribution of architects to create concepts and designs..

The space agency had the contribution of architects to develop concepts and designsICON

One of the great measures to take into account is the equipment that NASA intends to send to the Moon, since before any announcement, it must be tested on Earth and thus verify that it resists the environment. But also, another aspect to consider is that traveling light is essentialbecause each additional kilo transported by rocket to space costs around US$1,000,000.

A house, no matter if it is in space or on Earth, is not only a construction with walls, needs a door and objects inside for common use. In this case, the space agency works with several universities and private companies in the creation of furniture prototypes and interior designs that can withstand the environment. Additionally, before the houses are built, NASA plans to build landing platformsfor ships carrying 3D printers to land on the Moon.

Although this idea came from the US agency, and its astronauts were the ones who planted their flag on the lunar surface in 1969, two years earlier the Outer Space Treaty declared that No one can own the Moon.

According to the Outer Space Treaty, no one can own the MoonICON

The Luna is not the only border you want to crossNASA has a longer and even more distant goal: build on mars.

The agency’s scientists intend that the satellite can be use as an intermediate stopbecause, furthermore, they believe that water from the lunar surface could become fuel for the ships.

This way, a rocket traveling from Earth to Mars could make a stop on the Moonand so the astronauts can rest in the houses built to then be able to continue with its journey to the red planet.

What’s more, in June 2023, four NASA astronauts entered Mars Dune Alpha, a 160 square meter structure 3D printed by ICON, in Hudson, with Crete Washer dyed the same rust color that predominates on Mars, and they will spend a year in simulated conditions as practice to one day really live on the neighboring planet.


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