Laura Bozzo gives her opinion on Britney Spears’ situation: “It breaks my heart”

Laura Bozzo gives her opinion on Britney Spears’ situation: “It breaks my heart”
Laura Bozzo gives her opinion on Britney Spears’ situation: “It breaks my heart”

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Mexico City.- Britney Spears is one of the most prominent figures in the world of music and who was named at some point as ‘Pop princess’, but who has also had a life full of controversies and scandals. From a long legal battle to free himself from the guardianship from his father to his recent divorce, The artist has gone through difficult times that have captured the attention of her fans, the media and entertainment figures such as the Peruvian. Laura Bozzo.

Britney Spears’ release from conservatorship in November 2021 marked an important moment in her life. For 13 years, her father, James Parnell Spears had been in charge of her personal and financial life, a situation that Britney herself described as restrictive and abusive during the trial. “He forced me, among other things, to take medications and use contraceptives against my will,” the singer declared on that occasion.

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After gaining her freedom, Britney married Sam Asghari in a intimate ceremony in June 2022, surrounded by friends and family. However, her marital happiness was short-lived, as she announced her divorce as soon as 14 months later. Although there were rumors about a possible infidelity on Spears’ part, this was never confirmed.

In addition to facing challenges in her personal life, Britney Spears also had strong difficulties in her family relationships. According to several United States media, the singer has not seen her children since 2022 and communication with them is little or none. This estrangement became even more evident when none of her children attended her wedding to Asghari.

In the midst of these challenges, Britney has shared posts on social media that have generated concern among her followers. A video in which she is seen dancing with cuch1ll0s and with a Lost look has fueled concern for their well-being.

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Laura Bozzo, who is a well-known television presenter and now a reality show participant. MasterChef Celebrity Mexico of TV Azteca, expressed his opinion about Britney Spears’ situation in a recent video shared on social networks. Bozzo regretted the lack of support from the singer’s family in these difficult times. In her own words the lawyer said:

It breaks my heart how a great artist has ended up and that her family does nothing to help her. They profited from her, they exploited her, they stole from her and now they still expect from her? Her children and her ex-husband’s support do not even take care of her. How sad”.

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