Completo Day: What is a Hot Dog doing in Plaza Italia?

Completo Day: What is a Hot Dog doing in Plaza Italia?
Completo Day: What is a Hot Dog doing in Plaza Italia?

The Italy Square woke up today with a amazing and delicious novelty: a giant sculpture of a complete, the traditional gastronomic specialty that has conquered Chileans. However, this It was not a work of art conventionalbut one innovative activation digital.

The presence of this digital sculpturein one of the neuralgic points most important in the capital did not go unnoticedgenerating an immediate stir in the social networks.

The spectacular campaign for Complete Day

The initiative carried out by the national foodtech NotCo sought to celebrate in a unique and creative way the Complete Daywhich coincides with the recent launch of NotHotDogthe version plant based of the common sausagebut made only with vegetable ingredients.

This it wouldn’t be the first similar activation made in the Italy Square. Yesterday, one sculpture of Elena Caffarena appeared in the same point from the city. In another striking example of advertising creativity, in March a video went viral social networks where appears a department close to the Baquedano Station completely overflowed by foam.

NotCo joined the Complete Day

Felipe CorreaMr. Marketing Manager of NotCo. " noted that: “At NotCo we are constantly looking for new ways to surprise and delight our consumers. With this activation, we wanted to celebrate Complete Day in a unique and memorable way, demonstrating that food technology can transcend the limits of convention and generate exciting experiences.“.

To continue commemorating the Complete Day in Santiago, NotCo took advantage of to intervene others featured city ​​sculpturesplacing in the hands of works a complete. This occurred in various points As the Forest parkthe front of the National museum of fine arts and the Santa Lucia Hill.

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