Trump dares to vote for racial minorities, Biden’s stronghold

The South Bronx, paradigm of black New York, cradle of hip hop, plagued by crime for decades, destroyed by crack and fires in the eighties, where even the president of the community is voted Democrat, should be Comanche territory for donald trump . But the former US president stood this Thursday afternoon on an esplanade in Crotona Park, a park surrounded by communities of Hispanics (now majority in the Bronx) and blacksbetween humble bodegas, barbershops and kids playing in the street, with a clear message: I’m going for your vote.

Trump knows that next November he will not win in the Bronx (in 2020, he only got 16% of the vote), nor in the state of New York, but that does not matter. The objective was to boldly stand in a paradigmatic enclave of racial minorities in the United States so as not to give up an electorate that his rival, Joe Biden, needs.

It’s not just that he doesn’t resign. He is gaining ground that could be decisive in the election. “People are waking up,” Gina Domínguez, a Dominican immigrant, who grew up in this neighborhood, told this newspaper while she was standing in line to enter the rally. She was referring to Trump’s growing support among racial minorities. Despite losing in 2020, the New York billionaire improved his results in these electorates compared to the elections he won in 2016. In the black vote, it went from 8% to 12%. Among Hispanics, from 28% to 32%. In the Bronx itself, it went from 9.5% to 16%. Now, a recent poll by the ‘Washington Post’ gives him national support among the black minority of 14%. But there is something really dangerous for Biden: Trump’s black vote soars by up to 20% in the half-dozen key states – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Wisconsin – where the election is likely to be decided, according to a ‘The New York Times’ poll. Since the 1960s, no Republican presidential candidate has achieved such levels of support.

The entrance to the Trump rally was chaotic. There were thousands of people queuing, on a muggy afternoon, to see the candidate. The Secret Service only installed half a dozen security arches and the traffic jam was monstrous. People jumped over the fences, shouted “let us in!”, there was nervousness and pushing. “He’s going to win for sure, there must be a hundred thousand people here,” said one of the volunteers to reassure those in line. It was an exaggeration, which could have been signed by their leader. Once inside, there was plenty of space and you could see the candidate up close, in a place with a capacity for 3,500 people.

Several Trump supporters hold signs with his face during the speech in the Bronx

J. Ansorena

Support for the Police

“People have been waiting in lines for two days,” Trump said, in another exaggeration, from the podium, surrounded by ‘Never Give Up’ banners with his face on them. The former president included some strident news in his speech, like when he said that undocumented immigrants “they are preparing an army” to go against the Americans “from within”. But above all, he tailored the core lines of his message to racial minority voters. Regarding crime, he reaffirmed his support for the security forces, something very important in neighborhoods like this, where Democrats called for “cuts” and even “abolition” of the Police in the 2020 protests over the death of George Floyd, a case of police abuse of a black citizen. “Blacks, Hispanics and Asians are the ones who need the protection of the Police more than anyone,” Trump said, applauded.

The former president also referred on countless occasions to the massive arrival of undocumented immigrants to Democratic cities like New York, which have drowned municipal coffers. “The greatest negative impact” of immigration, Trump said, is borne by “our black and Hispanic population, who are losing their jobs, their homes and everything they can lose.”

The former president also referred on countless occasions to the massive arrival of undocumented immigrants to Democratic cities like New York.

“Let Trump come here It is important for people in the Bronx to pay attention to politics, to make you think about why things here don’t change,” Lou Valentino, a young resident of the Bronx, explained to ABC. “We cannot continue voting for Democrats and nothing changes.”

Biden sought to react with a campaign ad in which he accuses Trump of being racist. At the same time, one of the main Democratic draws in the black electorate – former first lady Michelle Obama – has embarked on a summer tour across the country to bring young voters to the polls.

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