Yaneth Pérez, folk singer, died after suffering a vehicle accident in Huaraz

Yaneth Pérez, folk singer, died after suffering a vehicle accident in Huaraz
Yaneth Pérez, folk singer, died after suffering a vehicle accident in Huaraz

Peruvian folk music is in mourning for the tragic death of Yaneth Pérez Huancachoque. Facebook

The folk singer Albina Pérez Huancachoqueknown artistically as Yaneth Perezdied on Saturday, May 25 around 9 p.m. in a traffic accident in the Huaraz-Carhuaz highwayin the region Ancashas confirmed by the National Police.

The incident occurred in the town center of Chavindistrict of Independencewhen the vehicle in which he was traveling Yaneth Perez He crossed into the opposite lane and collided head-on with a van. The violent impact caused the car to overturn, causing the immediate death of the artist and causing serious injuries to her driver.

The police authorities, with the help of passers-by, moved the body of Yaneth Perez to the Victor Ramos Guardia Hospital of Huaraz. Unfortunately, the doctors at the hospital confirmed his death and, subsequently, the body was taken to the hospital. Central Morgue to carry out the relevant examinations.

Pepe Quito Solanothe driver of the car involved in the accident, suffered multiple fractures and was admitted to the same hospital.

The authorities have launched an investigation to clarify the exact causes of the accident that resulted in the death of the folk singer.

Several years, Pérez Huancachoque resided in the town of Paltay, the place he was heading to on Saturday night. This tragic event has generated sadness in the local community and in the area of folk music.

The vehicle accident occurred near the Mullaca sector. Huaraz News Agency

The husband of Yaneth Perez confirmed that the body of the folk singer is being laid to rest at her home located in Paltay. “You are thanked with all my heart for her company,” he wrote. Nano Henostroza Alberto on their social networks.

Yaneth Pérez’s body is laid to rest at his home, located in Paltay.

Nano Henostroza Albertohusband of the deceased singer Yaneth Perez, said goodbye to the mother of his only son with a heartbreaking message: “My love, life, you leave me and go without return. I don’t know what I will do without you, I can’t accept it. You leave my heart broken and perhaps I will never be able to cure. When I see my instruments, I don’t know if I can stand it. My little mouse, you are gone.”

Yaneth Pérez leaves a small child orphaned by his mother. Facebook

Yaneth Perezoriginally from Cusco, was a prominent interpreter of the andean music. Since his childhood, he showed a natural talent for singing and a great passion for the musical traditions of his region. Her artistic career grew rapidly, winning admirers with her melodious voice and his ability to express the emotions and narratives of the Andean people.

During his career, Yaneth Perez He released several albums that became anthems for folklore followers. His interpretations of huaynos, yaravíes and carnivals They were appreciated for their authenticity and their deep connection with the cultural roots of Peru. Songs like ‘five flowers‘ and ‘alms of love‘ became classics present at festivals, fairs and family gatherings throughout the country.

Yaneth Pérez died after suffering a tragic vehicle accident.

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