Breakdowns that can cost you up to 4,000 euros depending on the color of the smoke from your car’s exhaust

The usual thing is that the smoke that comes out of your car’s exhaust is colorless, although on certain occasions you can see up to three different colors: white, blue and black. The first is one of the most common colors that comes out of the exhaust of the cars. In most cases, it is odorless, light and lasts very little (as soon as you start the vehicle in certain weather situations such as winter or autumn with a high percentage of humidity in the environment), it is simply water vapor that is produced by the effect of condensation.

However, according to Euromaster, when white smoke It is dense and continues to come out of the exhaust throughout the time that the vehicle is driving, it can be a clear symptom of breakdowns. Thus, one of the possible causes corresponds to the possibility that water is entering the combustion chamber, which indicates some type of problem or leak in the head gasket. In this case, the fault is serious, although its repair has a cost that can range between 2,000 and 4,000 euros, depending on the brand and model.

In the event that the smoke coming out of the exhaust be blue, is mainly due to oil being burned, which in turn is caused by an internal leak in the vehicle’s lubrication system. In this case, the breakdown can be very serious and very costly, since the vehicle can run out of oil, an undesirable event that would imply a complete breakdown of the engine. They also point out that this blue smoke may be due to worn valves, cylinder liners or piston rings, although on certain occasions this color can also be a symptom of a turbo malfunction. In these cases, oil consumption can also accelerate, which is why it is crucial to check the levels of this liquid.

And when the smoke comes out of exhaust is it black or dark gray, possible breakdowns vary depending on the type of fuel in the vehicle. Thus, in gasoline cars, the origin may be due to burning too much fuel (or with a “very rich” mixture in mechanics’ jargon), a problem that has to be thoroughly reviewed. The fault may be more of a problem in the feeding system caused by a failure in the injectors. Here, it is advisable to change them (the usual thing is to change all four, one for each cylinder), a repair that can have a total cost of about 1,000 euros (at a rate of about 250 euros per injector).

For its part, in the case of diesel vehicles, this black smoke may simply be due to an accumulation of soot in the exhaust system. To remedy this, it is best to drive for several minutes in a lower gear than usual or at a higher than normal rpm.

However, persistent black smoke in a diesel car can also be due to various factors, with possible problems in the injectors, electronics, turbo and even the particulate filter. In these cases, the cost of the breakdown varies depending on its severity and complexity, so the final bill can range between 30 and 3,000 euros.

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