at least 20 people died in tragedies

at least 20 people died in tragedies
at least 20 people died in tragedies

Over the weekend, a series of strong tornadoes hit the United States. The storms and tornadoes touched parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Missouri and Arkansas, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).. According to the authorities, nearly 20 people died, multiple injuries and significant material losses were recorded.

On Saturday, May 25, the NWS counted 25 tornadoes, which hit the plateau known as the Great Plains hard. Throughout the Memorial weekend, hundreds of thousands of people had their holidays interrupted by extreme weather conditions. Many had to seek shelter, while more than 200,000 homes were left without poweraccording to

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is already evaluating areas with heavy damage, such as Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansaswhere it acts in coordination with local governments, led by Greg Abbott, Kevin Stitt and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, respectively, to provide aid to residents most affected by the climate emergency.

The images of the different tornadoes of the weekend went viral on the Internet, as well as some recordings generated by people who were on the road and the testimony of a group of people who had to take refuge in a service station. In this type of emergency, authorities recommend seeking shelter, if possible in a reinforced building or in a basement.stay away from doors and windows, protect your head with your arms and try to stay informed through local news.

The tornadoes hit the area known as The Great Plains.

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Five impressive videos of the tornadoes that hit the United States over the weekend

From the western United States, storm chaser Aaron Jayjack shared a series of videos of the tornadoes that hit the area and shared a reflection: “A historic stretch of severe weather and tornado outbreaks in the US. it all started with this tornado intercepted on 4/26/24 in Lincoln, NE. Storm chasing can now be demarcated from this date. Before 4/26/24 -> after 4/26/24”.

In Lyon County, Kentucky, authorities warned residents of the importance of staying sheltered during tornadoes. “There are reports that a possible tornado touched down in Lyon County. We have seen photos and some of us actually saw the rotation“, they reported through their social networks. Then, they shared images and videos that residents sent them about this impressive phenomenon.

Valenia Gil, in Sanger, Texas, shared that she and her sister were driving when they encountered a tornado. The woman captured the video of how she lived this impressive experience in the carfrom which, fortunately, she emerged unharmed.

Vince Waelti, another expert storm and tornado chaser, shared a stunning video captured in Mountain View, Missouriwhere he captured the entire vortex of the powerful tornado.

Valley View, Texas, was one of the places where the most devastation was recorded by the weekend’s tornadoes. A meteorologist who was driving with his sister decided to stop at a Shell gas station so he could look at the radar and make decisions. Inside they found more than 30 people sheltered in the bathrooms of the place. The specialist shared the moments of anguish that he experienced in the improvised shelter.

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