Donald Trump: The trial of former US president in New York comes to an end | Stormy Daniels | Michael Cohen | latest | WORLD

Donald Trump: The trial of former US president in New York comes to an end | Stormy Daniels | Michael Cohen | latest | WORLD
Donald Trump: The trial of former US president in New York comes to an end | Stormy Daniels | Michael Cohen | latest | WORLD

The historic trial of donald trump in NY enters its final stretch this Tuesday, with closing arguments before the jury, which must decide whether to hand down the first criminal conviction against a former president of USA.

With less than six months until voters decide whether trump returns to the White Houseit is difficult to imagine what is at stake with the verdict, both for the 77-year-old Republican candidate and for the country as a whole.

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Trump is accused of falsify accounting records to buy the silence of the former porn actress Stormy Daniels about a sexual encounter between the two in 2006, which could have damaged his 2016 presidential bid.

If convicted, he faces up to four years in prison on each of the 34 charges, but the legal experts They say that because he has no criminal record, he is unlikely to be imprisoned.

More importantly, a conviction would not prevent trump appear on the November ballot as republican candidate for the presidency against the democrat Joe Biden.

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Unanimous verdict

It took almost five weeks, the testimony of more than 20 witnesses and some fireworks to reach the final argumentsthe last chance for the prosecution and defense to impress the anonymous jury of 12 members.

As expected, trump He chose not to testify in his defense, a move that would have exposed him to unnecessary legal risks and forensic interrogation.

For a man who has always prided himself on being in charge and in control, the role of silent defendant and passive was not easy.

Was intense and humiliating momentslike when trump was forced to sit and listen to daniels recount their alleged encounter with quite graphic details.

In front of journalists, before and after each day in court, the magnate launched attacks against the judge Juan Merchan -calling him “corrupt” and “tyrant” – and describing the trial as a “election interference” by the Democrats with the intention of keeping him out of the election campaign.

The political dimension of the case became clear in recent days, when a group of prominent Republicans – including several vice presidential candidates – went to court and stood behind trump in a gesture of support while speaking to the press.

Total, Merchan She charged him 10 times with contempt of court and fined him $10,000 for violating a gag order prohibiting him from publicly attacking witnesses, jurors, court staff or family members.

The judge said he expects closing arguments to take up all of Tuesday.

He will then give final instructions to the jury, who will probably begin their deliberations on Wednesday.

To issue a guilty verdict either innocence unanimity is required. A single no vote means a hung jury and a mistrial.

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Other cases

In addition to Daniels, the prosecution’s key witness was Michael Cohenformer lawyer and Trump confidant now turned staunch enemy, who organized the payment of $130,000 to buy his silence.

Cohen explained to jurors the reasons for the payments and said they were made “to ensure that the story did not come to light, that it did not affect Trump’s chances of becoming president of USA”.

The former president’s defense team spent most of its interrogation trying to discredit Cohen, recalling that he had admitted lying to the Congress and spent time in prison for fiscal fraud.

The defense only called two of its own witnesses before withdrawing.

In addition to the case of NY, trump has been accused in Washington and Georgia of conspiring to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

He also faces charges in Florida for allegedly tampering with classified documents after leaving the White House.

It is not expected that any of these trials take place before elections of November.

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