Donald Trump faces boos at Libertarian National Convention — OPI Santa Cruz

Donald Trump faces boos at Libertarian National Convention — OPI Santa Cruz
Donald Trump faces boos at Libertarian National Convention — OPI Santa Cruz

Donald Trump faces boos at Libertarian National Convention – Photo: NA

Presidential candidate Donald Trump was greeted with boos and heckles from a raucous audience at the Libertarian National Convention, a stark contrast to the adulation he typically receives at rallies from his loyal supporters.

Libertarians, advocates of limited government and individual liberty, criticize Trump for rushing the creation of the Covid-19 vaccine during his presidency and for not doing more to curb public health restrictions imposed on the unvaccinated. during the pandemic. According to the Reuters news agency, when Trump took the stage in Washington, he was greeted with loud boos, although a minority of his supporters cheered him.

The hostile atmosphere was further evident when a member of the Libertarian Party shouted: “Donald Trump should have been shot!” The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to this statement.

Trump, who was president from 2017 to 2021, immediately mentioned the 88 felony charges he faces in four federal and state proceedings. “If he wasn’t a libertarian, now I am,” he said, denouncing that the Government of President Joe Biden and the Democrats are part of a “rise of left-wing fascism.” In his attempt to appeal to libertarians, Trump highlighted the similarities between his and Republican policy positions on issues such as taxes and the size of government. He called on libertarians to work with him to defeat Biden, although his call was met with boos.

In the 2020 election, Libertarians won just 1.2% of the national vote, about 1.8 million votes. However, the November elections could be decided by narrow margins in key states, so Trump is looking to capture some of that support. His appearance at the Libertarian convention, unusual for a Republican candidate, reflects the seriousness with which his campaign views the threat from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent, anti-vaccine candidate who spoke at the convention on Friday. Trump has intensified his attacks on Kennedy, recently calling him a “fake” anti-vaxxer.

Trump declared: “The Libertarian Party can make a big difference. If we unite, we will be unstoppable,” a comment received with a mix of applause and boos. He claimed to be a “libertarian without even trying to be” and called for the party’s endorsement, which was also met with boos. Undeterred, Trump taunted the crowd, saying that if they didn’t support him, they would still get only a small fraction of voter support in the national election. He promised to include a libertarian in his cabinet if he wins the election, a promise that was met with cries of “lie!”

Trump received wide applause for promising to commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht, who is serving a life sentence for running the Silk Road website, used for the secret buying and selling of drugs and other illegal products. Libertarians view Ulbricht’s 2015 conviction as governmental and judicial overreach. Before a crowd holding “Free Ross” signs, Trump promised to commute Ulbricht’s sentence if he regains the White House. (IPO Agency Santa Cruz) With information from NA


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