There was no gas loss, no classes: something is wrong

The commotion was in the morning, when there is guaranteed mobile radio coverage and the news has an impact. Once again (many go, in different schools) It was reported that there was a gas leak in the establishment. This time, at School 82, in the capital of Neuquén. Three service assistants (doormen) expressed themselves upset due to this circumstance. One was taken to the hospital. The UPCN union intervened. And classes were suspended.

The loss, it was said then, was in the kitchen. There “the smell” was felt. There was speculation about a long-standing loss, and that the gas could have accumulated over the weekend, when the school is closed. Whenever the “smell” is perceived and suspected, prevention is inevitable. The first thing to do is suspend classes, evacuate the school. And that is what was done.

Shortly after this, mid-morning, it was already being denied that there had been a real and concrete gas loss. They checked the kitchen and, despite their efforts, it worked correctly. However, as on other occasions in other establishments, the effect, presumably unwanted, had already been done. The news had spread like a light gas through the radios and the media and digital networks. For the purposes of impact, it was already a truth, even if it wasn’t.

The truth is that it was officially reported that what was said to have happened had not happened. “School maintenance inspectors and the technical area of ​​the Ministry of Education were present, The appliance (the kitchen) was inspected, which did not observe gas leaks, the measurements were made with gas detectors,” it was reported.

School 82 of Neuquén.

“After this inspection, the security guard is present. Camuzzi Gas del Surcarrying out the pertinent inspections, indicating the same thing, that there are no gas leaks and that the kitchen is in good condition.without carrying out any type of closure, at 1:00 p.m.” and that the last technical test was carried out (a leak test), “with the presence of ministry inspectors and Camuzzi staff“.

That test also “went well”, that is, it was completed confirm that there was no gas leak. However, a document was signed, which includes the request to “buy a new kitchen.” The minutes are signed, among others, by the general secretary of the ATEN union in the capital of Neuquén, Angelica Lagunas.

The minutes signed at the School.

The guild argument (no matter which guild does it, it’s always more or less the same) was that “We want to guarantee the health of workers and children who attend schools“. There was also inevitable mention of the “infrastructural failures”, the “repeated complaints”, and what comes down as a continuous secular prayer that “There are schools that are not in good condition.”

At this point, the only thing certain is that it seems easier to suspend classes than to give them. That, ultimately, it doesn’t matter that the kids have classes, but rather that they win political fights. This is inexcusable and cannot be justified. Unfortunately, the constitutional requirement of guarantee public education is only partially fulfilled, where The devil forgets to put his tail in, and the gas stays locked in his pipes.

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