Brian Rodríguez of America, charged with alleged rape

Brian Rodríguez of America, charged with alleged rape
Brian Rodríguez of America, charged with alleged rape

The Uruguayan footballer from the Águilas del AmericaBrian Rodríguez has been accused of alleged rape. Bittering his celebration for the 15th title of the Azulcrema team, this element may not end up celebrating what has been achieved, since it has important legal problems. A situation that undoubtedly puts the club and the left winger himself in controversy. We will see how the issue ends and how it proceeds legally.

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Information has emerged from the record newspaper, indicating that “He was charged on May 23 for alleged ‘aggravated rape’ and ‘exploitation of trust’.” The documents that the newspaper has indicate that the player, along with two other subjects, were accused before the relevant authorities for the aforementioned crime.

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From the same information they establish that Brian’s plaintiff filed the complaint. This before the relevant authorities in the Sexual Crimes Investigation Prosecutor’s Office belonging to the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City; “Where he detailed what happened with Brian ‘N’, Gera ‘N’ and Sebastián ‘N’.

The names of the three accused are detailed in the same complaint. One of them is Brian Rodríguez from the Águilas del América. At this time, the complaint prepared is awaiting judicialization. This is to be able to align within the corresponding legal terms and process in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Brian Rodríguez could be experiencing really complicated moments on a legal level

Rodríguez in trouble

It is so Brian Rodríguez of America has been charged for alleged rape. The 24-year-old Uruguayan footballer could be facing a really serious problem. After he was accused of alleged rape; The events would have occurred between the days of the second leg semi-final against Chivas and the first leg final against Cruz Azul.

The same source assures that within the investigation “they point out that Gera ‘N’, Sebastián ‘N’ and Brian ‘N‘, whose identity is detailed in the complaint and who would be a professional soccer player.” The main problem they encounter is that at this time, Rodríguez left the country heading to Uruguay to meet with his country’s team for the 2024 Copa América.

Rodriguez has Current contract with the Águilas del América until June 2026. Your letter is priced at a figure of 5.4 million dollars, according to the specialized website Transfermarkt. During his time in the Liga MX with the Coapa team he has won two first division titles, the famous Bicampeonato, in addition to the Champion of Champions with three trophies already within his record.

‘Rayito’ has played a total of 66 games and 2,762 minutes on the playing field. He has eleven goals and six assists in his statistics. He has previously played for other teams such as Almería, Los Ángeles FC and Peñarol, this within his history as a professional footballer.

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