Emilio Apud, former Secretary of Energy, has revealed that Argentina faces a costly mistake in your energy management.

Apud pointed out that The construction of the gas pipeline could have been completed with an investment of 300 million dollars.

“They finished the gas pipeline with USD 300 million”he stated, highlighting the inefficiency in the planning and execution of energy projects in the country.

This error not only represents an unnecessary expense, but also shows a lack of foresight. and mismanagement in the Argentine energy sector.

The economic impact of this decision is significant. The need to import gas at such a high cost directly affects public finances and, therefore, the country’s economy.

This situation could have been avoided with much less investment in local infrastructure.. Furthermore, external energy dependence carries additional risks, such as fluctuations in international prices and potential supply disruptions.

Argentina has faced historically problems in its energy sector, from lack of investment in infrastructure to inefficient policies that have led to recurring supply crises.

In recent years, the situation has worsened due to factors such as the increase in domestic demand, the lack of development in local fields and the delay in key projects such as the gas pipeline mentioned by Apud.

The import of liquefied natural gas (LNG) has become a temporary but expensive solution, to alleviate the demand.

In the current context, with rising international prices and a weakened national economythis additional expense represents a considerable challenge for the State coffers.

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