The aim is to ensure the supply of gas to priority users

The Government launched measures to ensure gas supply to priority users

The national Government informs citizens that necessary measures were put in place to ensure the supply of gas to priority users, within the framework of the anticipated presence of low temperatures, which have been lower than those predicted (and more typical of winter ).

In this sense, the national government adopted the temporary application of the interruption of the supply of some CNG stations, provided for in the contracts signed under that modality.

To this end, ENARGAS has instructed licensees and transporters to follow the protocol that requires cutting or restricting interruptible supplies to maintain the necessary pressures in the system.

Likewise, the Wholesale Electricity Market Administration Company (CAMMESA), a large gas buyer, will be required to use interruptible gas transportation only up to the technical minimum necessary to sustain the electrical system, using alternative fuels to sustain the electrical demand. In addition, a greater volume of LNG will be acquired.

The measures implemented are carried out within the framework of the vulnerability of the gas system derived from its insufficient infrastructure for decades due to lack of investment (which generates bottlenecks in the gas flow), according to Decree 55/23 of energy emergency ; the reduction of supply from Bolivia, based on agreements of the previous administration and added to an exceptionally high consumption of the priority demand (residential users) of natural gas (from 45 MM3/day to 70 MM3/day).

The national government appreciates the understanding and collaboration of all sectors involved while continuing to work to overcome this current situation, to minimize the impact on CNG industries and stations.

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