Lee Jong Suk is a close teammate and reliable support of Kang Dong Won in the upcoming movie “The Plot”

Upcoming movie “The Plot” has shared a look at Lee Jong Suk’s character!

“The Plot” tells the story of Young Il, a designer who specializes in disguising contract killings as accidents and the unexpected events that unfold when he becomes involved in an unforeseen incident. Kang Dong Won plays Young Il, whose area of ​​expertise is disguising murders as accidental deaths.

Lee Jong Suk makes a special appearance as a character nicknamed “Jjak Noon” (which means mismatched eyes in Korean), a trusted teammate and supporter of Young Il who handles contract murder cases with him.

Jjak Noon is the first character who will be introduced through Young Il at the beginning of the film. An incident that arises due to Jjak Noon causes confusion for Young Il and Jjak Noon’s presence continues throughout the film.

“The Plot” will hit theaters on May 29. Pay attention!

Until then, watch Lee Jong Suk on While You Were Sleeping”:


You can also see Kang Dong Won in “Peninsula”:


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