Justice ordered not to cut off the gas supply to those who cannot pay in Tierra del Fuego

Justice ordered not to cut off the gas supply to those who cannot pay in Tierra del Fuego
Justice ordered not to cut off the gas supply to those who cannot pay in Tierra del Fuego

The secretary of the Federal Court of Rio Grande, Dr Juan Vicenteprovided new details about the protection presented by the provincial government to stop increases in gas rates, and confirmed that Justice ordered that the supply not be cut off to people who cannot pay their bills.

After it was publicly known that the Judge Mariel Borruto presented a partial precautionary measureVicente explained that yesterday it was resolved that the Federal Court of Río Grande is competent to rule on the Executive’s proposal which consisted of rolling back the rate increase and that there be no cuts to users who cannot afford the cost.

“In this specific case there was the possibility of a supply cut. What the Government proposed is that the decisions made by Enargas and the Ministry of Energy regarding the increase in the tariff schedule be reversed. And also that there were no cuts in the service to those who could not pay them due to the increases,” he explained on Radio Fueguina.

In relation to the above, he added: “LWhat Borruto did was respond, and while the issue is resolved, these two institutions were ordered to inform Camuzzi that they cannot cut off supplies to users who cannot afford to pay. “That is what has been resolved now and is what will be in force until the entire precautionary measure can be resolved.”

Vincent too He clarified that even though there are no cuts in the service, the debts will continue to be valid for usersbecause the decision in effect is that only the cuts cannot occur, and reaffirmed that “What was ordered is that supply cuts cannot occur due to non-payment of these invoices with the increases”.

After being asked how long it would take to resolve the judicial claim, the lawyer responded that there could be news during the next week or the following week, because it is a “quick procedure” although this precautionary measure requires having information that Enargas has. and the Ministry of Energy to speed up the deadlines.

“The notification of this decision, which is to carry out the transfer for them to respond, must be notified by the plaintiff, that is, the provincial government. If they notify today, by next week the organizations should respond and based on this response, Borruto would be in a position to resolve. I estimate that by next week or, at most, the following week, the judge should be in a position to rule on this.“, advancement.

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