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A good news for Peruvian workers. This Sunday, May 26, the Executive approved the Regulation of Law No. 32027, which authorizes the total or partial withdrawal of the Compensation for length of service (CTS). The objective is for this group of people to be able to cover various needs in the face of the economic crisis that the country and the world has been going through.

“Approve the Regulation of Law No. 32027, Law that authorizes workers to freely dispose of one hundred percent of the compensation for time of service, in order to cover their needs due to the current economic crisis, the same as annexed “is an integral part of this Supreme Decree.”holds the official document in A Peruvian man.

It must be taken into account that this benefit of CTS It only applies to formal workers who are (or have been) registered on the payroll, who have some amount of CTS in their accounts. Within that framework, we explain in detail how to withdraw this money so that you can safely dispose of it.

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How can I access 100% of the CTS?

  • The first thing is to communicate directly with the employer or, if applicable, with the Human Resources area where you have worked. There you consult the account number and the bank where the CTS subscriber is.
  • Then, contact us by phone, online banking or in person at the bank. They will request your DNI number and once this is validated, you will know the account status of your CTS.
  • Decide the amount to withdraw. This can be total (100%) or partial, until December 31.
  • The withdrawal can be in cash or at an ATM with your debit card. The latter is possible only if your savings account is associated with the CTS account. Otherwise, you must ask your bank to associate them.

Remember that the release of CTS It is 100%. “Freely dispose of one hundred percent (100%) of the deposits for compensation for time of service”maintains the aforementioned statement.

Keep in mind that you will be able to access the money deposited until November 15 of this year. You should keep in mind that you will only have until December 31, 2024 to use these amounts.

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