CCE calls for transparency in power outages

CCE calls for transparency in power outages
CCE calls for transparency in power outages

The CCE requests the public sector to report and make electricity cuts transparent, highlighting the need to improve infrastructure and allow private participation in energy.

He Business Coordinating Council (CCE) and its member organizations have urged the public sector to inform in advance about power cuts and to make the decision process transparent about who will be affected.

Businessmen consider that the blackouts They are a consequence of structural problems that underline the need to improve transmission infrastructure and allow private sector participation in energy generation and transmission. This critical situation is expected to persist at least through the summer.

“As previously explained, the causes of the blackouts are structural and highlight the need to improve transmission infrastructure and allow the participation of the private sector in the generation and transmission of energy. It is expected that the critical situation will continue, at least for the summer.”

The CCE explained that unforeseen interruptions in the electricity supply have significant consequences. For example, a zinc producer in San Luis Potosí suffered an outage while the furnace was loading, which, despite lasting only three hours, will require seven days to clean the furnace and resume operations. In the north of the country, several mines were left without supply, trapping their staff in elevators underground for several hours. In addition, a steel mill, an automotive plant and several cement plants had to suspend operations due to the lack of electricity.

To allow users to better anticipate and manage any interruption, the CCE proposes that the National Energy Control Center (CENACE) publish a detailed list of the affected municipalities and the times of the restrictions on its official site. The business sector reiterates its willingness to dialogue with the public sector to find solutions that provide certainty to the Mexican industry, ensuring its reliability and competitiveness for the benefit of the national economy.

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