Pedro Sarmiento is not improving: hospitalized and with a poor health outlook

Pedro Sarmiento is not improving: hospitalized and with a poor health outlook
Pedro Sarmiento is not improving: hospitalized and with a poor health outlook

Without a doubt, talking about Colombian Professional Soccer It wouldn’t be the same without referring to Pedro Enrique Sarmiento Solíswho, as a player, was a reference for Atlético Nacional and América de Cali, where he managed to add two league titles in each club. In addition, he was in trials of the Colombia selectionestablishing itself as a great midfielder.

However, perhaps where he has established himself the most is on the benches as technical director. His first experiences as a strategist were extremely successful, taking charge of the Deportivo Independiente Medellin and becoming champion in 2004. The following year, he took the reins of the Deportivo Cali and he also kept the trophy for the rented venue.

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A trajectory that has only had prominence in Colombia with Medellín, Cali, Santa Fe, Cúcuta, Pereira, Envigado, Águilas Doradas, Unión Magdalena and Once Caldasthis being his last work in 2023. However, This Monday, May 27, dawned with the hard news that Pedro Enrique Sarmiento was hospitalized at the Inmaculada Clinic in Llanogrande.

Pedro Sarmiento has been suffering from a sensitive spinal issue for several years and this is not the first time that the strategist has been under medical examination. In this case, everything seems to indicate, according to Weekly magazinewho suffered a decompensation that has left him in an extremely sensitive state of health.

Added to this, for quite some time now, Pedro Sarmiento has been suffering from a Acute polycythemia, which results in the production of red blood cells much higher than usual. Although not much more has been known about the health of the 67-year-old technical director, they point out that the outlook is not at all positive at the moment.

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Several journalists and those close to football have joined in on social networks with the positivism that the Antioquian technical director will recover. Mauricio González Arteaga from DSports mentioned, “our prayers for the health of Pedro Sarmientoprofessional soccer coach and a high-quality human being. Professor Sarmiento has been hospitalized since this Monday morning. His last presence in professional football was as coach of Once Caldas.”

Finally, the journalist, Esteban Jaramillo He joined the prayers, writing on his social media, “prayers for Pedro Sarmiento. Ex-footballer and coach. His state of health in Llanogrande is very delicate”. A lot of strength for his family and for Pedro Sarmiento for what they are experiencing now.

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