Blanca Manchón’s reaction upon reuniting with her partner Manuel

Manuelboyfriend of Blanca Manchón, is in Honduras. But he is not in Honduras for just anything, but for one thing in particular: to give Blanca Manchón a tremendous surprise. The Olympic windsurfer was expelled last Thursday and was offered one more opportunity to compete again after the vacancy left free by the disciplinary expulsion of Ángel Cristo. Well, since then she has been in Playa Olimpo carrying out her missions and without her colleagues knowing anything about her. Something that is not easy at all, since she is completely alone.

Carlos Sobera connected with Blanca’s boyfriend at the beginning of the program: “I’m expectant, like a good obedient soldier,” Manuel joked, later stating that he was “nervous.” The presenter asked him if he would be willing to “hide”, so that Blanca would be caught completely off guard by the visit of her boyfriend. Manuel did not doubt it: “Yes.”

Manuel, moments before meeting his girlfriend Blanca Manchón: “I’m nervous”

Blanca Manchón got on the boat heading to Playa Corintio to ‘supposedly’ grab all the resources she could within a limited time and take them to her beach. What she didn’t imagine is that Manuel was waiting for him there… buried in the sand! Upon seeing him, the athlete’s joy was total, unearthing her boyfriend and giving him a strong and emotional hug. “I don’t believe it!” Blanca exclaimed, excited and without believing what her eyes were seeing.

This is how Manuel was waiting for Blanca Manchón at Playa

“This is happiness and I have my happiness here”, confessed Blanca Manchón. “This is very strong,” she added. Carlos Sobera informed the contestant that he would face the next challenge along with the help of Manuel.

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