Sandra Pettovello denounced former officials of Mauricio Macri for alleged irregular payments

The portfolio in charge of Sandra Pettovello denounced that during the Cambiemos government there was an illicit association in the Ministry of Labor that did million-dollar business at the expense of the State.

The Ministry of Human Capital, headed by Sandra Pettovello, made a new complaint of alleged corruption. This time against thirteen officials and employees of Mauricio Macri’s managementfor allegedly irregular payments of 600 million pesos in favor of a Civil Association between 2017 and 2019. The people reported, who continued to work in the State, were fired.

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After an audit, the Legal Undersecretary of Human Capitalheaded by lawyer Leila Gianni, denounced that the Ministry of Labor during the management of Cambiemos, led by Jorge Triaca, did irregular payments to the civil association Center for Development and Technological Assistance (CEDYAT)with which a framework agreement and fifteen specific “cooperation and technical assistance” agreements were signed.

Among the thirteen dismissed officials, is Monica Alcibar, who until the complaint was the Director of Information Technology and Technological Innovation of the Ministry of Labor (today demoted to Secretary). She is listed as the main link between CEDyAT and the Ministry of Labor.

President Mauricio Macri with the Minister of Labor Jorge Triaca.

The complaint covers agreements signed by the Minister of Labor, Jorge Triaca (on the right of the photo), during the administration of Mauricio Macri.

According to the complaint from Capital Humano, an internal audit detected “irregularities in the Ministry of Labor that were revealed by the team headed by lawyer Leila Gianni thanks to the contribution of a ‘repentant’ employee of said former Ministry that pointed to thirteen officials and employees as participants in an old illicit association entrenched in the organization to do million-dollar businesses at the expense of the State.”

Among the contracted services that are under suspicion are the development of a software systemapplications and technological applications for the development of the Ministry’s activities and the “acquisition of a mobile technological support unit necessary to carry out inspection operations in accordance with the specific needs of the Ministry.”

The complaint filed by Capital Humano maintains that with the contracts signed with CEDYAT, “without any type of tender, many of which exceeded the amounts that would allow direct contracting.” The mechanism “that did not comply with the regulations that the Ministry of Labor of the Nation should have carried out, between the months of March and December 2017.” This procedure would be extended until 2019.

The court dismissed a complaint by Pettovello for the purchase of medicines

The federal judge Last Friday, Julián Ercolini dismissed a complaint from the Ministry of Human Capital for alleged irregularities in the purchase of medicines. Due to these suspicions, since December Sandra Pettovello’s portfolio stopped regularly delivering them to patients with cancer or HIV.

Upon taking office, the head of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovelloordered a revision of the procedures for which the Directorate of Direct Assistance for Special Situations (DADSE) selected pharmaceutical product suppliers.

According to the presentation made by Capital Humano, DADSE “never implemented a safe, clear, transparent and reasonable for the selection of medication suppliers, failing to comply with the recommendations of the control systems and current regulations on contracting of the National Public Administration.”

On two occasions, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office No. 6 I consider that The Ministry of Human Capital did not provide sufficient elements to consider that a crime could have been committed.

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