The municipality of Comodoro is considering filing an appeal against the gas rates – ADNSUR

The municipality of Comodoro is considering filing an appeal against the gas rates – ADNSUR
The municipality of Comodoro is considering filing an appeal against the gas rates – ADNSUR

He Secretary of Government of the Municipality, Sergio Bohespecified today that one of the priority works to be reactivated, starting in June, will be the execution of half a dozen gas backbone network projects, which They benefit around 900 front members.

Bohe recognized, in dialogue with News 2.0that The municipality does not have the tools to demand that the distributor run the gas networks.which is why he pointed out that “the municipality took over the works a long time ago, both trunk and domiciliary,” in cases where the front owner cannot assume that cost.

It was in this context that he questioned the dgas distributor, stating that the works “will continue to be carried out by the municipality, despite the fact that Camuzzi increases the rate by 400% and many Comodorenses are receiving an exorbitant billin the face of what we are not going to stay with our arms crossed, because it is a Totally disproportionate rate and outside market rules”.

The municipality of Comodoro presented an economic-financial audit on the services concessioned to the SCPL

The official indicated that the measure, which could have a form similar to that of an appeal for protection, “The mayor is evaluating it, among different tools, and he is going to discuss it with the vice mayor and the councilors, to see what the tenor will be, but the decision has been made because the amounts are unreasonable.”

In this way, the municipality would join presentations such as those already made by the provinces of Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego, in addition to the one being evaluated by the Chubut Ombudsman’s Office, jointly with the provincial State.

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Bohe stated that after the meeting with the UOCRA, the union was informed that the plan to reactivate municipal works will begin with what has to do with the gas networks, but he emphasized that the critical situation derives from the decisions of Javier’s government. Milei:

“We are very attentive to the unemployment that has been generated by this erratic national policy, of profound ignorance of the functioning of the economy of the interior of the country and the real economy. The rest is an Excel sheet that is working fairly poorly at the national level and that is leaving its consequences throughout the country,” he stated.

On that level, he denied the statements of Senator Carlos Linares, who after the meeting announced that the municipality would go out to take out a loan for 30 or 40 million dollars to carry out public works.

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“No, as far as I know, no,” he responded to the query based on the statements of the senator and former mayor. What we have been evaluating since the campaign period are different intelligent financing tools to carry out some works that comply with the enormous debt that the municipality has, which are lots with services. We have many lands consigned for delivery, but they do not have services and today putting up a lot with service has an average cost of between 5,000 and 15,000 dollars. And approximately 1,600 lots have been delivered, so we are talking about a significant amount to face, which at today’s values ​​is about 19,000 million pesos.”

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For this, he indicated, financial instruments would be sought such as the trust figure, also placing municipal lands as collateral, in a similar way to what was done by the national government for gas and electricity networks.

“That seems to us to be a very clear and transparent tool, which does not complicate things in the future, as happened with the debt with the IMF that the national government took on or the bond debt that the province of Chubut placed at the time,” he compared.

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