“We are all gas consumers, therefore we are all affected”

In a significant ruling, federal judge Borruto ordered the suspension of the gas supply cutoff by the distribution company Camuzzi, which until now was applied to users who could not afford to pay their bills. This resolution responds to the amparo actions presented by both the municipality of Río Grande and the provincial government, in response to the recent and excessive tariff increases implemented by the Secretary of Energy of the National State.

Verónica Ramírez, lawyer for the municipality of Río Grande, explained that the ruling gives rise to concerns expressed by local and provincial authorities about the economic impact of the new rates.

The municipality had held meetings with the Federal Court to expose the critical situation that users faced due to increases in gas rates. By virtue of these efforts, Judge Borruto decided not only to accept the protections presented, but also to accumulate the processes in a joint effort to protect users.

“We have had meetings in the federal court explaining the situation a little based on the meetings that the mayor held, with the clubs, with the foundations, with the militants populents of the city. And the truth is that in that understanding we are satisfied because it made room for protection. It also gives rise to the precautionary measure and asks us in this instance to join the state process,” he explained.

Lawyer Ramírez highlighted that, although the municipality is an entity with its own responsibilities, it is also another user of the gas network, just like citizens, clubs and local foundations. “Although we have the entity of being a municipality, we are also users of the gas network, like the neighbor, like the club, like the foundation. We are all gas users. The economic failure and this; in fact “The gas bill that came to the municipalities ends up being paid by the taxpayers, we are talking about the neighbors.” She pointed out

Judge Borruto will notify the Camuzzi company and the regulatory entity Enargas about the suspension of the increases and the supply cut. These actors, together with the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Economy, must respond to the court’s requirements within short periods of time, possibly between three and five days.

This ruling represents a temporary relief for Río Grande users, but Ramírez stressed that the fight continues. “The next step is to wait for the reaction of the defendants and see how we advance in this accumulation of processes, always with the common objective of stopping this high rate that affects everyone,” he concluded.

Judge Borruto’s resolution is received as an act of justice and understanding of the difficult economic situation that the community of Río Grande is going through. The municipality and the provincial government will continue to work together to ensure that rate increases are reviewed and adjusted to a more equitable reality for all users.

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