They launched a transition in the face of electricity and gas increases

They launched a transition in the face of electricity and gas increases
They launched a transition in the face of electricity and gas increases

The objective of the new scheme is to transfer the real costs of energy to users; promote energy efficiency; and ensure vulnerable residential users access to the essential consumption of electricity, gas through networks and bottled gas, detailed the Minuto Uno site.

“Generalized subsidy schemes do not distinguish between residential and commercial users, and benefit those who do not need such support to the detriment of the most vulnerable, in addition to encourage inefficient consumption and squander natural and economic resources of the National State, with monetary issue,” the decree states.

And he adds: “On the other hand, targeted subsidies seek to guarantee access to essential consumption only to those households that really require and need it, while encouraging efficient consumption, to the extent that the excess of essential consumption is due to pay at full cost, all of which also results in efficiencies for public spending.

Given this, the Executive considered that “it is convenient to start the transition to a targeted subsidy schemerepresentative of a model based on the economic-financial self-sufficiency of the energy sector, gas and oil exports, the free interaction between supply and demand, and a framework of incentives for private investment in infrastructure.

The Energy faculties during the “Transition Period” will be: establish limits on subsidized consumption volumes in all residential categories and segments, both for electricity and gas.

Apply to users in the categories called Level 2 and Level 3 from the Registry of Access to Energy Subsidies (RASE) discounts on the Energy component that are transferred to the final rates corresponding to the residential category.

Provide that the quantities consumed in excess to the maximum subsidizable volumes are paid at the wholesale prices of natural gas and electric energy established by the Ministry of Energy or resulting from the interaction of market agents, in accordance with the tariff tables approved by the competent authorities in each jurisdiction, with the possibility of maintaining gradual bonus tiers for excess volumes in the case of Level 2 users.

Periodically review maximum consumption volumes to be subsidized, as well as the amounts or percentages of the discounts on the Energy component, taking into account the progressive acquisition of efficient consumption habits by users.

Modify the name and/or segmentation criteria of the categories of residential users, incorporated in the RASE, including the review of the property indicators for the manifestation of income, as well as the possibility of their unification to establish a single category of residential users who require assistance to access essential energy consumption.

Calibrate the different variables that will be required for the implementation of the targeted Basic Energy Basket (CBE) subsidy regime, and carry out the relevant tests and verifications based on the evaluation of the results observed during the Transition Period.

Invite residential users to re-register in the RASE and cross-check information with other national or provincial databases, in order to update the registry of beneficiaries and minimize inclusion and exclusion errors.

Determine compensation mechanisms of the lower income of the licensees or concessionaires of distribution services due to the application of the bonuses established during the validity of the Transition Period.

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