Justice suspended the subway fare – Canal Abierto

Justice suspended the subway fare – Canal Abierto
Justice suspended the subway fare – Canal Abierto

Open Channel Editorial | The Buenos Aires Justice ordered to suspend the increase in the value of the subway ticket until July 10 inclusive, when “the situation” of the fare will be re-evaluated.

The ruling of the Contentious Administrative and Tax jurisdiction gives rise to “the requested precautionary measure and suspends the effects of resolution 5/SBASE/24. Said suspension will come into effect from the fifth day of notification of this and will extend until July 10, 2024 inclusive, date on which the situation will be reassessed.. During the period of 5 administrative business days provided for in the previous point, SBASE must present in records a readjustment of the rate to the user that adopts the fair and reasonable rate criteria. established in Law 4472″.

It was thus established that in case of not complying with point 2 within the postponed period, “the outright suspension of Resolution 5/SBASE/24 will be carried out”, that is, the increase in the rate completely. .

This way, Judge Elena Liberatori gave the green light to the precautionary measures presented by the City Law Observatory – headed by lawyer Jonatan Baldiviezo and María Eva Koutsovitis, founder of The Movement The City We Are Who We Inhabit It– and the national deputy of the Left Front, Myriam Bregman.

Since last Friday, May 17, the fare went from 125 to 574 pesos, after the City and SBASE delivered the documentation required in the precautionary measure.

“We should be discussing the nationalization of the operation of the subway service, the works plan to improve the service, accessibility, an asbestos decontamination program agreed upon with workers and users and of course the extension of the network so that it reaches all neighborhoods, instead of this adjustment that is completely contrary to Law 4472 that regulates the service and establishes that the service must be provided with fair and reasonable rates,” Koutsovitis pointed out.

Source: SomosTélam

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