The president of Conmebol once again complained about “the money stolen from South American football”

The president of Conmebol once again complained about “the money stolen from South American football”
The president of Conmebol once again complained about “the money stolen from South American football”

Domínguez’s statements were made within the framework of Football Week, a joint initiative of CONMEBOL and Special Olympics (REUTERS/Cesar Olmedo)

“It is money that should be on the football field, in the development of sport, not in the pockets of the leaders, of the powerful”he claimed Alejandro Dominguezpresident of Conmebol, in relation to the complaint of alleged money laundering in Paraguay made in 2017, and whose investigation has been paralyzed.

His words came within the framework of the inauguration of Football Week, a joint initiative of Conmebol and Special Olympics, based on an inclusive vision of football. The leader also assured that the Confederation ““will redouble efforts to recover funds appropriated by leaders, with the complicity of financial institutions.”. Santiago Penapresident of Paraguay, attended the event accompanied by members of his cabinet.

To date, Conmebol achieved the restitution of around 150 million dollars through actions carried out in the United States, Switzerland and Paraguay. The starting point was the completion of an audit in 2017.

The entity recently presented a request to the Prosecutor’s Office to reactivate the criminal case for alleged money laundering to which Domínguez referred, which involves the former president Nicolas Leoz and Banco Atlas SA. In 2016, the aforementioned former head of the Confederation negotiated the creation of two trusts worth more than USD 6,000,000 with the aforementioned banking entity, when an international arrest warrant and an extradition request were already pending against him. However, the criminal investigation by the Public Ministry has been on hold for three years (the last proceedings were the raid of Banco Atlas SA and the Superintendency of Banks). This motivated the presentation by the Confederation and a personal interview of Domínguez with the State Attorney General, Emiliano Rolón Fernández.

“Since 2017, Paraguay has changed its president three times (Horacio Cartes, under whose government the first complaint was filed; Mario Abdo Benítez and Santiago Peña) and two attorney generals (Sandra Quiñónez and Emiliano Rolón Fernández),” Conmebol illustrated in a statement. in which he requests the return of the money “stolen from South American football.”

During his speech at the opening of Football Week, Domínguez added that the recovered money is used for the expansion of the positive values ​​of sport and stressed: “We are not going to stop until justice is done, we will confront the powerful who still have football money”.

“The recovery of money from the hands of corruption becomes tangible with initiatives like this Football Week, which seeks to promote an inclusive and plural vision of sport,” concluded the writing released by the mother entity of the discipline at the continental level.

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