“Liv Morgan lacks the charisma of Becky Lynch”

“Liv Morgan lacks the charisma of Becky Lynch”
“Liv Morgan lacks the charisma of Becky Lynch”

Although many fans are happy that Triple H trusted Liv Morgan again and that she could become the new World Champion, The reality is that there is someone who doesn’t like Morgan’s reign.

That person is the renowned professional wrestling personality, Eric Bischoff, who in the most recent edition of his video podcast 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff, noted that She likes Morgan as a champion, but not so much because she lacks that natural and authentic charisma that stars like Becky Lynch possess. These were his interesting statements:

► Eric Bischoff talks about Liv Morgan and what she needs to be a big star

«There is something missing with Liv. I do not know what it is. Obviously, she is a beautiful woman. She is in excellent shape. Her work in the ring is excellent. Something is simply missing. And what I feel is missing in Liv exists in abundance in Becky. There is an inherent and natural authentic charisma about Becky Lynch that is not forced. It’s not a trick. It’s not a character. It’s just something in her, in her being, that makes her charismatic by nature.

We’ll see what Liv Morgan will bring to the table now that she is the World Champion and her reign and she herself has a lot of eyes on her.

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