The fun and emotional reunion between Blanca Manchón and her husband in ‘Survivors’: “It gives me a scare”

Manuel, like Andrea (Gorka’s girlfriend), went to visit his wife, Blanca Manchón, in Survivors. The contestant was expelled during the last week, but thanks to the free place that she left the disciplinary expulsion of Ángel CristoI had the opportunity to return.

Meanwhile, she survived alone on a beach, isolated from her companions. Manuel arrived to give her encouragement. What no one expected, least of all Blanca, was the fun way in which the reunion took place between the two after more than 80 days apart.

“Manuel, we are going to ask you bury yourself in the sand“, he advanced Carlos Sobera. The man later appeared completely buried and with his head out of the ground. They covered him with a box, which Blanca had to discover. “Me it gives me a headache if I find you like this,” the presenter confessed between laughs.

“Can steal an object from this beach“Sobera announced to the woman when she arrived at the place. “I want the embers from the fire!” she insisted. “The best thing is that you take a walk along the beach, trust me,” Carlos advised her, but Blanca he ignored.

Finally, he looked at the beach and opened the box, finding her husband’s head under. Blanca’s cry of excitement was loud and emotional. “This is life-giving, you can’t imagine it,” she said while still hugging and kissing Manuel. “Not the food, not anything. This is happiness“he assured.

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