Gorka performs a feat never seen before in ‘Survivors’ to reunite with his girlfriend: “I didn’t doubt it”

Gorka performs a feat never seen before in ‘Survivors’ to reunite with his girlfriend: “I didn’t doubt it”
Gorka performs a feat never seen before in ‘Survivors’ to reunite with his girlfriend: “I didn’t doubt it”

Gorka Ibarguren is making his participation in Survivors 2024 quite a survival spectacle. After more than 80 days in Honduras, facing tests of all kinds and a more than evident physical decline, the Basque contestant has shown a resistance that has surprised many.

In this way, just when it was thought that he was at his limit, Gorka has achieved a feat never before seen in reality: he has swam from one key to another, fighting against a current that gave no respite, in order to obtain an emotional reward. .

The presenters of No man’s land They were quick to praise his determination to reach the islet. Carlos Sobera couldn’t believe it: “This kid is a first-class athlete, a true champion with a dose of absolute and wonderful will. We have to give up on this kid! What he just did is brutal.” In parallel, Laura Madrueño has highlighted the strength of the current: “There is less than a kilometer, but the sea is super rough.”

The Survivor audience has also wanted to value Gorka’s feat. On social networks, a large number of comments have been seen in favor of the contestant, who is considered one of the great favorites to win the reality show. “Few contestants would do what Gorka has done,” said one tweeter. Another has recalled that for making this “nonsense” she is a “worthy winner.”

Andrea has no doubt

This titanic effort has been worth it: he has read a letter from his family and has been able to reunite with his girlfriend Andrea. This long-awaited visit occurred after Marieta claimed, and other contestants confirmed it, that she had kissed the corner of her lips with Gorka.

The Basque denied it, but then he accepted some facts, such as that he presented himself to the rest of the contestants as single and was willing to explore his options with some companions. However, he has never explicitly acknowledged that he kissed Marieta, something that both she and the rest of the witnesses continue to maintain.

In this context, the reunion between Gorka and Andrea could have been a sweet moment, but circumstances have complicated it. Thus, the contestant, apparently sorry for how events had developed, has been seeking reassurance from Andrea, who has shown confidence in him despite the rumors: “Don’t you think that otherwise I wouldn’t be here?” “I didn’t doubt it, but I needed to hear it,” Gorka admitted.

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