NASA announced that a star is about to explode and will be seen from Earth

NASA announced that a star is about to explode and will be seen from Earth
NASA announced that a star is about to explode and will be seen from Earth

A star is about to explode in an incredible cosmic spectacle that only happens every 80 years. According to POT, this phenomenon will occur when two masses of energy meet and release an enormous amount of light and energy into space. For decades, only this star, called “T Coronae Borealis“, through telescopes, but Now we can see it with the naked eye, since its brightness increased significantly.

The explosion of this star promises to be a dazzling burst in space, visible for several days with the naked eye and for a week with binoculars.. However, those in the Southern Hemisphere will have to settle for the consolation prize of being able to follow the event through NASA’s James Webb Telescope, which will record every detail of this incredible explosion.

Fortunately, we do not have to worry about our safety, since “T Coronae Borealis” is located at a distance of 3,000 light years from Earth, which makes it impossible for it to affect us in any way. Furthermore, this enormous distance guarantees that we can enjoy this unique spectacle, without fear for our lives in some corner of the Milky Way.

NASA invites us not to miss the opportunity to witness this astronomical event, since we will have to wait another 80 years to have the opportunity to observe something similar again.. So if you are in the northern hemisphere you should have your telescope, binocular or simply look up at the sky and marvel at this burst of light in space.

It is at least the third time that humanity has witnessed the T CrB nova, officially discovered by Irishman John Birmingham in 1866, and then reappearing in 1946.. While waiting for it to make a big explosion again, astronomers invite you to familiarize yourself with the constellation of the Corona Borealis, or Northern Crown, which is a small semicircular arc between the star Arthur—one of the brightest and easiest to locate. — and the constellation of Hercules.

It is unclear when exactly the explosion will occur. According to NASA, it could occur any time between now and September, although Sumner Starrfield, a professor at Arizona State University. “Its peak is very fast,” explained Bradley Schaefer, professor emeritus at Louisiana State University (USA) and one of the leading experts on T Coronae Borealis. “It is short, remains at its peak brightness for only a few hours and begins to fade quickly and its brightness to the naked eye disappears in just a week“he added.

They discover an anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field that threatens humanity

The United States government revealed the incredible discovery of a South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA). This strange magnetic anomaly increased its weakness from Brazil during the last four years, with a growth of 7 percent.

Both the Space Agency (NASA), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) of the United States and the Defense Geographic Center (DGC) of the United Kingdom confirmed this growing activity of the fault with the potential to impact humanity. But what exactly is this South Atlantic Anomaly?

The magnetic field that protects the surface of our planet acts as a shield, repelling particles from the Sun, such as cosmic radiation and solar winds, which can cause major impacts on our technology. However, a weaker magnetic field allows a greater passage of these particles, getting closer and closer to the Earth’s surface and generating a potential threat to in-orbit technology.

According to the US government report cited by cnn, this anomaly is located in the South Atlantic, where the magnetosphere surrounding our planet is weaker. This poses a danger to terrestrial technology. The increasing weakness of this South Atlantic Anomaly puts both technology in orbit and daily life on Earth at risk..

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