The Government declared a pre-emergency due to the lack of gas

This week the National Gas Regulatory Entity (ENARGAS) declared a pre-emergency due to the early arrival of low temperatures and the lack of natural gas. All gas transporters and distributors were instructed to follow the protocol for cuts or restrictions on interruptible supplies. The services that have priority are residential.

In this sense, interruptible services are those that “interruptions are allowed through the corresponding notice from the distributor to the customer.” They mainly affect service stations that sell CNG and industries in the textile, beverage, wood and ceramic sectors.

The gas cutoff has not yet been reached for users with pure firm contracts,” the Government said, which would mean reaching a state of “emergency.”

That is why the Government also decided to authorize the works of the Reversion of the Northern Gasduct, which had previously been paralyzed due to the cut in public spending.

On Tuesday there will be a new tender to import another 10 LNG ships, which could cost about US$300 million, but the next ship would only arrive on Friday.

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