Buseta ran out of brakes and ended up overturned: several injuries were reported

Buseta ran out of brakes and ended up overturned: several injuries were reported
Buseta ran out of brakes and ended up overturned: several injuries were reported

The transportation company faces intense criticism after several of its buses crashed on the same day, raising concerns about safety – credit Mauricio Peña / Facebook

In a traffic accident in the La Planada village, on the highway that connects Venadillo with the municipality of Santa Isabel, north of Tolima, a vehicle from the Rápido Tolima transportation company apparently lost its brakes and ended up overturned on the side of the road. road, which left several injured.

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Apparently, the driver of the vehicle maneuvered to avoid a greater tragedy by crashing the bus into a ravine, given that there is an abyss near the place. This incident left four people injured, including the driver and a woman, who suffered bumps and bruises.according to information released by The new day.

Mauricio Peña, councilor of Santa Isabel, expressed his concern because other incidents with Rápido Tolima buses occurred on the same day. Peña declared that “We must request the competent control institutions and require the company Rápido Tolima to request all guarantees and thus seek to ensure that the movements of our countrymen are not at risk.”.

A Rápido Tolima company vehicle lost its brakes and overturned, causing serious injuries to five passengers, including the driver’s daughter – credit Ibagué Chamber of Commerce

In addition, he highlighted that “the bus that runs the 11:00 am route had a tire burst before reaching Venadillo and the 3:00 pm bus allegedly ran out of brakes and unfortunately suffered an overturn, leaving four citizens with injuries. “added Peña, as reported The new day.

In accordance with The Irreverentthe accident left five people with serious injuries and several more with minor injuries. They highlighted that among the injured is the driver’s daughter, who suffered fractures in both legs.. Four other passengers also had serious injuries and were taken to nearby medical centers.

The traffic authorities are investigating the causes of the accident, while the Rápido Tolima company has expressed its concern and commitment to fully collaborate with the investigations and provide support to those affected. Councilor Mauricio Peña called on local authorities to ensure security in the municipality, mentioning previous incidents and underlining the importance of taking preventive measures.

Two spectacular truck accidents were reported in Zipaquirá, Cundinamarca, and Cajamarca, Tolima, on May 21, 2024, causing chaos on the roads of these regions.

In the spectacular accident between the two tractor-trailers, one of the drivers had to be extracted by the Zipaquirá firefighters. (Credit: Cundinamarca Firefighters)

The first accident occurred on the highway that connects Zipaquirá with Bogotá, where a heavy-duty truck lost control, completely blocking the path to the capital. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported, but the injured were taken to nearby hospitals for evaluation.

Authorities have been investigating the causes of the accident, which could include mechanical failure or human error, however, the specific cause of the accident has not been reported.

In Cajamarca, Tolima, another accident involved a truck transporting goods that same day. The vehicle overturned on a sharp curve on the road that connects with Ibagué, creating a long traffic jam.. Although the truck’s occupants suffered minor injuries, road conditions and the possibility of excessive speed are being evaluated as contributing factors to the incident.

(Credit: @OscuraColombia / X)

These accidents have highlighted the need for stricter preventive measures and the review of road conditions in the affected areas, according to traffic authorities, who also called on drivers to take extra precautions and respect the limits. of speed.

Both accidents are being managed by the respective local authorities, who have deployed emergency teams to restore traffic and secure the area. According to initial data, The material damage is significant and it is expected that the recovery of normal traffic will take several hours..

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