The passionate reunion of Gorka Ibarguren with his girlfriend in ‘Survivors 2024’ with a declaration of intentions

One of the highlights of this Tuesday night in ‘Survivors 2024’ was the reunion between Gorka Ibarguren (30 years old) and his girlfriend Andrea. After overcoming a great challenge, the Basque participant was able to discover his girlfriend who had traveled to Honduras to give him a totally unexpected surprise because she knows that she does not like television at all. The two have merged into one emotional hug and several passionate kisses were given before you can have a conversation.

The former participant of ‘El Conquistador’ has been experiencing a significant drop in mood for a few weeks due to the latest events. Kiko Jiménez uncovered a possible infidelity on the part of his partner by indicating that he had kissed Marieta. Later, it was the participant of ‘Temptation Island’ who confirmed that kiss, causing great controversy and doubts in Gorka He didn’t know if his boyfriend was going to believe him given everything they were saying.

Gorka’s challenge to see his girlfriend in ‘Survivors 2024’

This Tuesday night for Ibarguren has started in the best possible way. The Basque was one of the four nominees but has left that list by being the one saved by the audience with half of the votes among the four nominees. For this reason, Laura Madrueño tricked him into telling him that because he had been saved, he had to face a great challenge that I had to overcome.

Gorka has put on the neoprene to be able to swim across the sea and reach an islet. After doing it in a very fast time, it was Carlos Sobera who told him that he had two options. The first was a huge tortilla and the second was a letter from his loved ones. He evidently has chosen the letter. “I’ve been wanting to eat this the whole adventure but I’ll keep the letter“, he expressed.


The passionate reunion of Gorka Ibarguren with his girlfriend in ‘Survivors 2024’

While reading the letter he was leaning on a huge box. After being moved by the words that his family dedicated to him, the presenter asked him to leave for a second. At that moment the box has been opened and Andrea has appeared. Gorka couldn’t get over her astonishment and immediately went to hug her, melting into an emotional hug that seemed to have no end.

“Everything is alright? How come you came? I didn’t even expect this“No way,” said the contestant while grabbing his girlfriend. “I really wanted to see you. You came all this way, I didn’t even expect it. I’ve missed you so much,” he told her as he stared at her face, completely forgetting that they were being recorded and seen all over Spain.

“How are you seeing me? I do not know anything about you, I was counting the hours and the minutes to see you now,” Gorka added, totally excited. “You are handsome but you have come to nothing,” Andrea responded. “I can not believe it. “It’s the best day of my life,” the Basque exclaimed loudly. At that moment, it was her presenter who asked her if he had anything to say to her, since he had been wanting to talk to her for weeks.

Gorka and Andrea’s declaration of intentions in ‘Survivors 2024’

Gorka did not hesitate and responded to the presenter’s request. “I have never doubted everything I love Andrea, not for a second. He is making an effort to be here, I know, to support me and see me, so without words,” the survivor confessed. “Let’s see if he trusts me from everything he has been able to see. I don’t know what he has seen,” he answered about all the controversy that his approach to Marieta had generated.

Gorka Ibarguren and AndreaGorka Ibarguren and Andrea

In that moment, Andrea has made quite a declaration of intentions, showing that she doesn’t care at all about what happened and continues to trust her partner. “Do not you see I’m here”, she said, making her decision clear. “I didn’t remember her smell anymore,” Gorka said while he continued hugging her. In any case, the presenter told them that they were going to have a few minutes alone to talk about whatever they wanted.

Gorka surely wants to tell you first-hand his entire version of what happened with his partner who has brought him so many headaches in recent weeks. However, this visit will mean a revulsive facing the final stretch of the survival program. Furthermore, together with the salvation that he has achieved for another week, he will be able to face this last part of the contest in a different way, regardless of the conflicts he has in Honduras with the rest of the survivors.

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