They refloat when Camilo Zicavo broke Josefa Barraza’s heart

They refloat when Camilo Zicavo broke Josefa Barraza’s heart
They refloat when Camilo Zicavo broke Josefa Barraza’s heart

After her conversations with Héctor Llaitul came to light today, journalist Josefa Barraza became a trend all day in “X”, where he remembered his time on MasterChef and even an intense friendship with Camilo Zicavo.

Long before she became the first director of the El Ciudadano site, the communicator Josefa Barraza He participated in the missing streaming “Nosotras, La Cuarta y la TV”.

And in that 2018 interview, the former contestant from the third season of MasterChef, on Channel 13, brought to light a little-known story, which ended up being interrupted by none other than Denise Rosenthal.

They reveal intimate chats between Héctor Llaitul and former MasterChef: they were a key part of his conviction

The expert report on Héctor Llaitul’s phone revealed a close dialogue between the CAM leader and the journalist.

“With Camilo there was a lot of chemistry”

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“In 2015, when I was not yet recording Masterchef, I received a friend request from Camilo Zicavo and we spoke many times. We met many times and talked until he started chatting with Denise (Rosenthal)“, Josefa Barraza recalled in that interview.

Furthermore, the current investigative journalist recalled that “we spoke with Camilo many times, there was a lot of chemistry, but he was in that period of meeting people, like he didn’t want anything formal, but we did go out for several months.”

He even revealed what his feeling was when he found out that the Banda Plumas vocalist was paired with Denise Rosenthal: “When I found out that he was with Denise, it was like, oh, what a shame! “It was like ‘a shot to the heart.'”

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