The uncomfortable moment that Robert De Niro experienced following his statements against Donald Trump

The uncomfortable moment that Robert De Niro experienced following his statements against Donald Trump
The uncomfortable moment that Robert De Niro experienced following his statements against Donald Trump

Robert De Niro experienced an uncomfortable moment following the statements he made against Donald Trump this Tuesday, May 28, after breaking into the entrance to the New York court where the former president is being criminally tried.

In the midst of what many described as a “mediocre staging by the Democrats,” The actor was confronted by several Trump supporters whom he described as “gangsters.”

Prior to the painful situation, the protagonist of ‘Taxi Driver’ attacked the former Republican president and assured that, “he wants to destroy the country and, with time, the world.”

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“The Twin Towers fell here… We swore we would not allow terrorists to change our way of life… Donald Trump wants to destroy the city, the country and, eventually, the world“, he stated in an appearance with which he joined the event organized by the presidential campaign of Joe Biden at the entrance to the New York court.

Accompanied by several police officers who stopped the so-called Assault on the Capitol, attacked by Trump supporters on January 6, 2021, the famous actor stated that he has become involved with the Democratic campaign because “there is no option” in the face of the “cowardly violence of the megalomaniacal Trump.”

“It is necessary to stop him once and for all… If he returns to the White House, our freedoms and democratic guarantees will disappear because he will never leave (the White House),” added the Oscar-winning performer.

Donald Trump is a “clown,” according to Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro continued to attack Donald Trump and berating those who support someone who, according to him, went from “filthy real estate scammer” to a “clown” as a candidate.

“We New Yorkers tolerated him when he was just another filthy real estate scammer posing as a big shot, a cheap Playboy who made his way into the tabloids,” said the Hollywood actor.

During De Niro’s speech, a small group of Trumpist protesters issued proclamations in favor of the former president a few meters away and one of them even came up to disapprove of the actor’s words.

The director also praised the work of the police who stopped the coup attempt on January 6 and described those who took over the building as a “mafia” encouraged by “scandalous lies and empty promises.”

To which the protester flatly contradicted him: “They (the Police) are traitors.”

“With people like you you can’t (debate). These guys stayed there and fought for us, for you too. They fought for you, friend,” De Niro snapped at the Trump supporter.

Daniela Machorro

Donald Trump responds to Robert De Niro

Immediately afterwards, the campaign donald trump for the November elections issued a statement qualifying Robert DeNiro as “henchman of corrupt Biden” and of “low IQ,” as well as that his vision represents “definitive proof” that the trial against the Republican is “a witch hunt.”

Michael Fanone, one of the agents in charge of stopping the Assault on the Capitol, spoke after De Niro and explained that the police protect “Democrats and Republicans alike,” but that “political violence is never acceptable” and that Trump “ encourages and supports it.”

The presumptive Republican candidate for the November elections is being tried criminally in this New York court for having allegedly falsified business documents to buy the silence of the porn actress Stormy Daniels and thus protect his 2016 electoral campaign.

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