Copa Libertadores: Palestino falls in Bolivia and confirms its place in the South American

Copa Libertadores: Palestino falls in Bolivia and confirms its place in the South American
Copa Libertadores: Palestino falls in Bolivia and confirms its place in the South American

Palestino could not achieve the feat. The Chilean team gave a tough fight to Bolívar and ended with a 3-1 defeat at the altitude of La Paz. Result that confirms his position in the playoffs of the Copa Sudamericana, a phase in which they will compete against a second from the group round of the same tournament.

And the Chilean team played at the high plateau, but with an eye on 2,700 kilometers east of there, where Flamengo received Millonarios de Colombia in parallel, in the other duel of the group. The Chilean team had to win in La Paz and hope that the Brazilians fell to the coffee growers.

Fairly, the first bad news for the Chilean team came from the Maracaná. At 7 minutes, Pedro took advantage of a poor start by Millonarios to make it 1-0.

It’s all uphill for the La Cisterna painting. On top of that, the initiative was from the local team that pushed the departure of Pablo “Vitamina” Sánchez’s team very high, although without depth.

The same one that the national squad did find in a stopped ball. At 8 minutes, Misael Dávila took a free kick from 20 meters. A powerful shot that the Bolivian goalkeeper Carlos Lampe had to take urgently to avoid the Chilean goal.

However, after 20 minutes, the insistence of the light blue team became more evident. A shot by Carmelo Algarañaz, from the edge of the area, was the first big warning, when the ball hit the horizontal.

In the next, Chico da Costa tested goalkeeper César Rigamonti, who was remarkable to save his goal in the 27th minute, after Henry Vaca’s great finish.

While that was happening, in Rio de Janeiro Mengao went 2-0 after the own goal by Colombian defender Juan Pablo Vargas, 25 minutes into the parallel match.

If the situation was already for Palestine, in La Paz it got worse. At 35 minutes, Fernando Saucedo’s center fell heavily on the visitors’ area so that José Bizama put the ball in his own goal for Bolívar’s 1-0 lead.

The Chileans could not settle in and Ramiro Vaca increased the numbers with a great goal from outside the area. After 6 minutes of the VAR decision, the cameras noticed that the ball grazed the hand of his teammate Algarañaz before entering the goal. Goal disallowed and another shot dodged.

In injury time, Rigamonti once again saved the fall of his goal, todo after repelling Leonel Justiniano’s tight free kick. At this point, Pedro already had Fla 3-0.

But The Bolivian cast did not want surprises. At the beginning of extra time he pushed a little harder and managed to increase the lead, at 47 ‘. Chico da Costa shot from the crescent and the ball bounced off Ariel Martínez to complete the second own goal.

Those directed by “Vitatamina” did not waver in their intentions. Thus, the 65 minutes had two clear ones in the same action: first, with a shot by Felipe Chamorro that Lampe took out with his feet; Then, Linares’ long shot was repelled by the local goalkeeper.

It seemed that Bolívar cemented a victory with Chico da Costa’s shot on the post. HoweverPalestino reacted in time in the counterattack that Chamorro finished off for Chamorro’s 2-1 discount.

Near the epilogue, the newly introduced Joe Abrigo was close to achieving the tie, but failed in the attempt. With three to go, a header into the corner by Chico da Costa sealed the final 3-1.

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